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  • in reply to: Washing Your Bike #87063

    Unfortunately, my bike comes with me to the beach, and we all know that salt spray is evil.

    I simply wash mine with car-wash soap, rinse, dry, and always re-lube the moving components right away.

    in reply to: What’s everybody’s favorite month to bike in? #84102

    Gotta go with October or November… the only catch to these months is the trails are covered with leaves. I’ve kissed a tree or two.

    in reply to: Riding Cold #75299
    "Biohazard74" wrote

    Lets not forget our buddies


    I have no words..

    Well, ok I do.. Pete’s Schwetty Balls.


    in reply to: Where do you store your mountain bike(s)? #76676

    I keep mine and my wife’s bikes in the garage, where my car used to be. ;)

    I haven’t noticed a humidity problem, but then again the bikes are each less than a year old. The only time they have rusted was when we took them to the Outer Banks for a week.. even though we kept them inside the beach house, the salt air was still bad. They each got a nice bath at home.

    in reply to: What did Santa bring you this year? #76353

    Santa was pretty nice to me..

    A new jersey (Novara Arosa)
    A new pair of biking shorts (Novara Exposure Double)

    I’m loving the new shorts already.. now if we could only get some dry weather..

    in reply to: Comment period open for MTBs in National Parks #76320

    I just went and read the proposed rule change.. it makes perfect sense that the local superintendents would be given the power to open areas for mountain biking.

    I sent my comment.

    in reply to: I’m thankful for….. #76095

    I’m thankful for my family, friends, my hardtail.. and that we still have beautiful, unspoiled places to see and ride.

    in reply to: Anyone planning on some turkey day riding……. #76108

    Ugh.. it’s supposed to be above 60 degrees here, but the thought of riding on that kind of full stomach.. 😢

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70461

    Just after a nice wash and chain cleaning (I had taken it to the beach, it was covered with salt).. aside from the Cateye computer and Trek seat bag, the bike is bone stock. Sure is fun to ride, though..


    in reply to: Know any good trails near athens? #73900
    "xcrhino" wrote

    I’m recently new to mountain biking and am looking for trails near athens Ihave already riden fort yargo and the trail off of 441 any ideas? :?: :?:

    How is Ft. Yargo? I’ve been thinking of giving it a try..

    "elroca209" wrote

    Can anyone tell me if I can get a harttail bike between 300 and 450 bucks? Thanks for the help.

    Actually.. I recently picked up a Trek 820 from my local bike shop, for about $360.00. It’s steel, so it’s kinda heavy.. but it has a decent front shock, decent crankset, and decent brakes. Not stellar.. but good stuff for the price, and definitely an upgrade from a Target Schwinn.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)