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  • in reply to: Winter Clothing Recommendations #69803

    I saw the word old,,,,, how bout experienced posts much more P.C. 😆

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68592

    Collar bone still will not heal, riding any way, with a loose bone, it gives me a totally styled whip bunny hop/jump. Stacked pretty hard at Boggs Mountain, with the clavicle on that side tucking only broke my ribs. 😏

  • in reply to: Beginner skills #94285

    Ride, ride, ride, most important have fun, just go have fun, tricks are for shows. And the term is newb as in newbie, 😏 nuck nuck

  • in reply to: Riders near Sacramento #92082

    Welp Bidwell Park in Chico is more than 40 miles, but if you like rocks, with more rocks on top of lava bed. There are also dirt and trees.

    Closed when wet is the rule in Upper park

  • in reply to: Trail along Folsom Lake #68377

    If THEY can divide and conquer THEY will, I am ever the ambassador, as we all need to be. We also should be stewards of a wonderful resource, picking up trash, doing trail work, stand strong when THEY try to steal it from us. IMBA is ever teaching responsibility, maybe more groups need this kind of action.

    In all my years of trail work/building there never has been members of any other group involved, which is unfortunate, right of use, should it seems be tied closely to responsibility of action

  • in reply to: Trail along Folsom Lake #68375

    Wish that were true,

    I have had my car vandalized, car with bike rack blocked in by trailers, spit at, trailers parked across trail and yelled at when proceeding slowly and calling ahead to be safe. Not to mention picking up spare gallon water bottles left, trash, quick horse food containers and horse electrolytic packs taped to trees at a horse riders level for rally’s.

    Have had to ride a gauntlet of horse butts i was walking passed, while (in the woods) cigs an beers are shared and try to get the critters to kick at me. Have watched many trails be closed because they were ridden by horses in the rain, stomping out new bypass areas while by bypassing places un safe to ride. If one single tire track is seen in that area it is blamed on mountain bikers, sad but true.

    We all have jerks in our midst, but this has been most often the case, in the tens of thousands of miles ridden off road, even though I always show respect and will continue, rarely have I received it back. If we do not work together we will all lose this right, is always my conversation with other groups.

  • in reply to: Help! Comfy women’s saddle needed!! #81866

    K! here goes, seems every womans issues, are all depending on "the details" 😮

    Proper sit bone spacing is first concern, my lady rides with a hard core group of tri-girls.

    All have wide ranging issues, some like air flow, but that adds to more grit possible when off road.

    Its all in the details, which are trapped and fighting among themselves 😏

    Riding is life all else is waiting with,,,,,,,,,, Alice

  • in reply to: Max Heart Rate Training #76559

    Garmin has had mine over 220, often this year, am I dead and still having fun, resting rate is 36, often 50 ta 60 resting during a ride.

    riding is life, all else is waiting,,,,,with Alice

  • in reply to: Angel’s Camp/Calaveras County, CA? #81152

    Area 51 at Hogan, 10 miles on an out and back, which will make ya feel like someone beat ya with a hose.

    Park at Acorn flat camp ground

    Riding is life all else is waiting! Then I met Alice and fell down the rabbit hole, glad she rides

  • in reply to: How important is stretching to you? #73197

    "Are you ready to see Jesus face to face? Will He know you?"

    Yes 😃

  • in reply to: How important is stretching to you? #73193
    "brianW" wrote

    I thought stretching was only done at the gym 😮

    That ginda sums it up for me.

    It’s a whole new world out there brother. Look strong or be stong somoeone told me 😆

  • in reply to: How important is stretching to you? #73191
    "Sackattack" wrote

    [quote="marcaudet":1p68mb91]I know that I am the exception, but someone has to be the oddball out there. Right?

    Nah. I’m not a crazy stretcher either. I’ll do it on my off days when I’m not riding just for something to do. I have a little yoga routine with maybe three stretches in it, and other than that, I don’t really do it.[/quote:1p68mb91]

    Do yoga class couple times a week, being the only guy has its bonus points. 😆 . Seems my reflex response is faster, like a cat 😏

    Namasta LOL

  • in reply to: Broken Spokes? #76546

    Have you tried the new Stans No-Spoke system? Seems pretty expensive, to solve a simple problem


  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68590

    The gate keeper at the Doc’s tells me on a visit, some day you will be an old man and hurt.

    I looked at the Doc who is a riding buddy an ask would you rather be an old man that hurts or an old man with no storys.

    I got story

  • in reply to: Common Mountainbike Acronyms & Terms #73059
    "steve32300" wrote

    I think a pump is just like a bmx track but for mountain bike type rigs.

    Close, it sits on flatish ground, using evenly spaced rollers to gain speed. By timing/pumping the bike through the rollers teachs good flow. Tight hi berm corners, teachs cornering, idea is not to pedal and never touch brakes.

    Riding is life all else is waiting

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68589

    Picture this:
    Rocky climb all the kids are fading, see the good line. I’m am feeling my boys, swing out to pass, pulling with all my might at end of the bars, using every muscle down to my finger nails. All my weight on the front/left pedal, pulling with the right leg, can hear the frame creak. Front wheel is floating only touching the tops of ruts, steering with the body, back tire is scatching.

    POP! chain gone 😮

    Over the bars, no time to get hands up, on the lid/face slide a few feet to a stop. Can hear Damn, Dude, K?, Need help, I scream go go go. Arms and legs look as if Chucky caught me with a grinder. Feel the calm of shock slide over me, a bit of a chill, see the look on others face and know it will be a long month.

    [i:37mtiaam]Single speeds are the best[/i:37mtiaam] 😏

  • in reply to: Anyone Got a Tube recomandation? #75347

    Stopped run-n tubes, so long ago i forget

    [i:jq4qa575]STANS NO-TUBE, [/i:jq4qa575]

  • in reply to: choosing grips #74987

    i beg, borrow, buy every set of ODI Yeti’s i can get. dow to one set in my stash.

  • in reply to: 29ers or 26ers? #74368

    Rolling 26’s but with 2.4 MotoRaptors with no.tubes, bout as big, bout as heavy, lots of volume. Friends say 29’s roll and climb slower as they ride em. But smooth through the rough, just a give and take as always.

    Jing, Jing~~~~ ON YOUR RIGHT

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68573

    Woo Hooo my kinda Dad I’m 52 😎

    riding is life, all else is waiting

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