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  • in reply to: New fat bike trend? #124603

    That quad is super sexy.. would be sick fun on a DH.. : 😉 only thing missing is larger tires..

    in reply to: Help with wheels…. #124598

    With quality hubs you can get adapters QC, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm as well as adjustable spacing. And with certain bikes you can get drop out adapters as well.

    What you will need to know is the offset spacing and or axle spacing 110, 135, 142,, and axle diameter.. QC 10mm, etc, etc..

    The spacing you can get from the cheat sheet on your bike from the MFG or measure it. Basically between the rear drop out.. This can be tough as sometimes they are pre-stressed and will move inwards when the tire/hub assembly is removed..

    You can also measure the rear shoulder of the hub to get the spacing and can be one of the most accurate ways since you won’t have the flexing attribute of the bike..

    There are some good deals on complete wheel assemblies and have had good results with Island bikes.. I have several sets of wheels which I just swap out when I want to change tires for snow, wet, rocky etc.. … lsets-29er

    As long as the hub spacing is the same.. once the bike is dialed in (shifting and rear rotor spacing ) I can swap them with almost no adjustment.. Makes it super easy with the QC.

    in reply to: Multiple Trail Check-ins #124339

    That is really difficult if you flow from one trail to the next.. Sometimes I barely have time to switch anything on/off forget about something that takes a minute or so.. This would put me way in the back of the pack..

    in reply to: Best Android GPS app for mountain biking? #114552

    I’ve used Strava, Runtastic, map my ride, My tracks and google maps.. Sometimes 3 or 4 at once depending on how accurate I want it to be.. I can then delete the others and import the most accurate track.

    I have found on my Samsung Galaxy note Strava and Mytracks is very accurate vs Runtastic. But they are all free and depending what you want to do with the information it’s a toss up.. Mytracks uses a KMZ/kml? file format vs GPX which is what Strava and Runtastic use..

    sorry I couldn’t offer more info..

    in reply to: 150mm travel Overkill? #123782

    No idea of the terrain you are riding in but that won’t stop me from commenting.. 😀

    I’d say it depends on the size of the bumps.. I come from a motorcycle back ground and was astonished with the smaller travel of everyday bikes and the even more limiting factor of solid bikes.. With that being said I have nothing against solid tail bikes but my experience has shown me a plush but responsive ride can keep me riding longer and at a faster pace..

    I run a GT sensor 9r with 175mm up front and 175mm behind and fork and shock setup correctly I can pedal up just about any hill :" even some that most people will walk up" . ON the plus side I can go over some pretty good terrain and not be concerned with the major bottoming out which is a problem with lesser suspension travel in the past has thrown me completely over the handle bars even with my CG behind the seat.

    Sorry but i"m biased to lots of suspension.. Again if setup correctly and balanced..

    in reply to: Fat bikes New England #123243

    Rutland State park.. There are lots of snowmobile trails as well as single track.. There are a few new trails put in which are snow shoed so are pretty narrow..

    I was just out today but no new trails as my skill set can’t keep me on the narrow trails..

    But with that being said I had a great day riding and for a change it might be worth it.. Check it out..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)