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    That Works for me, I’m still in High School 😉

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    I agree with bombardier (or however you spell that). The badlands would be great new place for both east and west coasters if we want to do one big group one. But what date are we thinking this would be for, are we planning this for this summer, fall, next spring? This could greatly determine where we need to go (and if i have my license yet 😃 )

    in reply to: UST (tubeless) trail tires #69994

    I have Bontrager Jones ACX. They are not wicked expensive and have great bite. Using much of the Jones line has a good know that doesn’t wear too fast. I know it is a basic simple pattern of knobs, but they outlast my other tires and are a wide tread for tight cornering. most are tubeless ready tires.

    in reply to: Chain lube recomendations? #69879

    I use White lightening liquid wax for my bike. Take a rag to the chain and get ALL Greace, oil, ect off. Then you just apply a coat or two to the chain. I have had it stay dry and noiseless the whole time. It prevents dirt build up on the rear gears too.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)