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  • in reply to: How to deal with extreme heat??? #75153

    Many I ride with carry a camel back to drink out of and a water bottle in a cage to squirt on their heads to cool down.

  • in reply to: Most flat tires on one ride #74966
    "FinsFan" wrote

    my brother had 2 flats…and the pump broke on the 2nd…it was a long hike back 😠

    That sucks.

    I see you are from Richmond. I’m in Roanoke Rapids, NC (right down I95 from you). We try and get up there about once a week to ride (Pocahontas, Powhite, et al). Of course the broken arm has put a halt to that for about 2 more weeks. Maybe we’ll see you around the trails sometime.

    "spazjensen" wrote

    I went to the shop and bought four kenda downhill tubes. I used two of them to replace the tubes that I already did have in the tires. I think that the other two were a waist of money, since I haven’t used them in about five months. Not really, I’m glad that I have spares.

    Are the Kenda downhill tubes thicker tubes than the standard tubes? Might have to look into a couple.

  • in reply to: Night Riding #72397
    "steve32300" wrote

    What is the most you will pay for a light for your mountain bike??

    Our lights we use for cave diving (21w HID’s) cost us roughly $1500 a piece. I do wish they could handle being burned outside of the water and that they could handle the bumpy terrain but they can’t so a new option is needed. Our back-up lights (LED) are close to the brightness of a 10w HID (close to 500 lumens) and I’m thinking would make a great light for riding with at night.

    Soon as the broke arm heals I’m going to order up some more delrin and try and turn a few out in the machine shop and see how they do. I’ll certinly keep you guys posted as they should be way cheaper to make than those being sold commercially.

    On a side note, nite rider attempts to make it in the dive industry but most talk trash about their lights – not sure how they are on land but underwater, there are a lot better alternatives. I’m thinking an LED photon torpedo mod’ed for bike use would be kick ass.

  • in reply to: Bashgaurd question #75040

    Good deal – thanks.

  • in reply to: choosing grips #74981
    "yarb4" wrote

    so whats the deal with lock on grips????

    Easy to remove and re-use.

  • in reply to: How far have you had to walk out? #74946

    My longest walk out was about 2 weeks ago and while it was only 1.5 miles, the broken arm I had just been given on a downhill run made the exit a bit of a bear.

    So here I sit bumming ’cause I can’t ride for a few more weeks (back to the doctor tomorrow). 😢

  • in reply to: looking for good tires #74644

    The Velociraptors sound like a great tire – I’ll have to give them a go.

    I’m currently using the Panaracer XC fire pro’s and really like them for the riding I’m doing.

  • in reply to: Newbie from NC (Wionston-Salem) area #74612
    "Mongoose" wrote

    I am so ready to go riding, but most all the trails were either destroyed, damged or are still under water.

    Bummer – hope you guys get some relief soon.

    I saw this on you tube the other day and I guess it suits you right now – Might be the thing to do. ;)

  • in reply to: Anyone into the MTB & BMX in the Olympics? #74634
    "Mongoose" wrote

    That just figures! Our TV was still out due to TS Fay’s wrath here in Brevard County, FL. Total record flooding here! They are calling it "Historic Flooding", whereas the locals are calling it "Little Katrina". BTW, did May-Walsh win the gold. That’s my girls, and win or loose I am still very proud of them!

    In beach volleyball – they did – US mens also took gold in that event.

  • in reply to: Anyone into the MTB & BMX in the Olympics? #74633

    They showed the BMX racing event last night – took all of 10 minutes to show then right back to beach volley ball.

    Hope we get to see some of the mtb events as well.

  • in reply to: Newbie from NC (Wionston-Salem) area #74611
    "EnlistedX" wrote

    That great.. nothing around the house that steep. Although I strive to stay above 2/5. Practice makes perfect

    Keep in mind that on the Trek 3700, you have more of a raod crank as far as gear ratios go ( the crank is 28/38/48 ) so 2/5 on the 3700 is a bit tougher than 2/5 on a bike with a 22/32/44 crank.

    I strive to find a gear that gives a good balance between anaerobic and aerobic workout (I’m a cave diver and lung capaccity was my main reason for entering this sport – the thrill of the ride has taken over though!).

    Speaking of caves – how is north Florida holding up to all the rain there Mongoose?

  • in reply to: Newbie from NC (Wionston-Salem) area #74603

    Another new rider from NC here (45 years old – now don’t you all feel young 😃 ).

    I had to ask my 36 year old buddy that got me into this is if it was okay to feel like a kid again – he assured me it was fine. Thanks goodness as I’m having a blast.

    I’m up in Roanoke Rapids so I’ve been doing all my single track riding up in the Petersburg/Richmond area in Va since it is close by (Raleigh is equal distance and i hope to hit Crabtree soon – closed last Sat). We do have a local trail I hit during the week (just got back).

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello…. now get out there and ride!

  • in reply to: component compatibility questions #74463

    Another new guy here so this is like the blind leading the blind – though there is some good info on Sheldon Brown’s site if you dig around.


    I’m a bit north of you right up 95 (in Roanoke Rapids ) but maybe we could hook up to ride some time on neutral turf (Raleigh maybe – about a 1.5hr drive for me).

    Good luck on your search for info.

  • in reply to: Want to upgrade to a new fork #74497

    Thanks for the clarification.

    No 6ft jumps for me yet. 😆
    That will definitely be next year on a better bike. Right now 3ft is about my max (old man here). The Tora is what I’ve been eye-balling so I may go that route for the time being.

    I’m a small framed guy so not too worried about bottoming out a shock but I see that a shock being to rigid may be an issue.

    Having a blast with what I am doing so I guess in the end that is all that matters. ;)

    Again, thanks.

  • in reply to: Want to upgrade to a new fork #74496
    "Mongoose" wrote

    If the basic XC riding is what you will be doing, then by all means stay with the Dart, but if you are going to be doing any form of jumping, freeriding, or AM riding, then those fork shocks are out of the question.

    For us new riders can you elaborate a tad on the following statement.

    More specificly, what do you consider "any form of jumping"?

    Or it might be easier to specify what you consider cross country. Surely it entails some small jumps and hills.

    I’m also wanting to upgrade a crap suntour to something that will help the roots and ruts a tad more.

    Problem is that with V brakes, shock selection appears to be limited. The Tora series seems to be about as high as you can go before disk brakes are needed as well. I’d like to ride my current bike about a year before upgrading to a nicer bike.


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