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  • in reply to: NC Parks mtb survey #75684
    "trek7k" wrote

    Did it. Mountain biking in NC State Parks is pretty hit or miss right now. It seems like the best trails in the state are either on National Forest land or in city parks. Beaver Dam is the one MTB trail I can think of on state land and it’s been a huge success (though some have complained about the summer and weekend entry fees). Will be interesting to see what comes of this…

    I know that Medoc Mountain State park near me (north-eastern NC) is planning to put in a mtb trail – they said it was just low on the list but the park person did go on to say that if enough interest was shown it might would move up.

  • in reply to: Wild Turkey update #75566
    "DrainRail" wrote

    I’m hoping to hit Wild Turkey this weekend and check out the new Bridge..

    I hear you loud and clear!

  • in reply to: Need help carving turns #75633
    "Jeremy_Green" wrote

    I’m a little confused…

    –If you are noticing a difference in your turning from the 26er to the 29er…it’s probably a geometry and wheel base issue.

    –If you are just finding it harder to make turns on your 29er than it previously was… I would venture to guess that your riding style has changed and that is the real reason for your problems.

    Whoa, now I’m confused. 😮

    😃 😃 😃

  • in reply to: ? about a new bike #75608
    "cpeters" wrote

    I am interested in the Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo or maybe the Tassajara. I have had the ability to test ride one of the Pirana’s but not the Hoo Koo. I think (but correct me if I’m wrong) that all of the G2 bikes all have the same geometry, but i’m not sure.

    I ride Fisher myself.
    Both of those bikes are very nice and either would serve you well.
    And yes, they both have the same geometry.

    Have fun!

  • in reply to: Handlebar Questions #75553

    Here goes some info out of Brian Lopes and Lee McCormack’s [i:zxe9m583]Mastering Mountain Bike Skills[/i:zxe9m583].

    They say long low stems (90 – 120mm with 0 – 10 degrees rise) create a powerful pedaling position and it weights the front end for climbing.

    Short stems (40 – 70mm with 10 – 15 degree) are great for downhill, jumps and such.

    As far as bars and stems go (as a combo), long stem and low rise work and short stem and hi rise works – but long stem and hi rise has you reaching for the stars and short stems and low bars make you feel you are digging.

    Width is all personal preference.

    They also say that when getting a bike, the first place to look at upgrades would be all the contact points – handlebars and stems, saddle and tires.

    From another source I gleamed this info:
    A 110mm long stem is a fairly standard length for a general use bike.
    A shorter stem will yeild more direct steering input, and especially change your center of gravity when riding.
    A longer stem puts more weight over the front end of the bike, which makes it a little bit easier to lower your center of gravity and change how you’re cornering, and stuff like that. And the shorter stem, allows you to loft the front wheel easier over obstacles and have a little bit more leverage over the front wheel instead of the front wheel having more leverage over you.

  • in reply to: Handlebar Questions #75551
    "tron1974" wrote

    This is most subjective, but do you have any recommendations on brands/models of bars?

    I’m using the Easton EA70 Monkey Bar with 1.5" rise.

    To add a bit to what was posted – most bars can be purchased in a 25.4mm version to be used with the more traditional stems and also in a 31.8mm (also called over-sized) to be used with the 31.8mm stems.
    This has no effect on the size (diameter) of the bar where the grips and controls are mounted but has to do with the size of the bar where the stem clamps onto them.

  • in reply to: Good Hubs… #75486
    "spazjensen" wrote

    My question is how can I tell if it is 135 or 150mm?

    Not trying to be a smart-ass but you could simply measure it – that’s what I did when I needed a new skewer.

    135mm is roughly 5.3"
    150mm is roughly 5.9"

  • in reply to: Anyone have a "Skinny" setup in their backyard ?? #75456

    I have the beginnings of a little skinny area started.


  • in reply to: deciding on a bike #74808

    I just recently went FS and love it. I find I can carry so much more speed on the trails.

    As far as weight goes, my FS bike is lighter than my entry level hardtail.

  • in reply to: New Mountain Bike #75468

    I recently made the switch from hardtail to full suspension and am loving the hell out of it.

  • in reply to: What’s in your pack? #75367

    Pretty much same as everyone else – add compass.

  • in reply to: New Saddle Time… #74619

    I recently put a WTB Rocket V on my bike and love it.

  • in reply to: Anyone Got a Tube recomandation? #75345
    "Mongoose" wrote

    Another wise thing to do is carry a extra tube or two, along with a patch kit, tire levers, and of course a small tire pump in your CamelBak or tool bag under a seat. Good luck brother!

    Words of wisdom – don’t leave home without them.

    Panaracer and Maxxis also make a nice DH tube that is thicker (double thickness) than the avg tube.

  • in reply to: choosing grips #74988
    "yarb4" wrote

    \Also got the ODI Rouge lock on ‘s ….Love em…super easy to install and super sticky!!

    That’s exactly what my Hifi is rockin’ and they are sweet grips indeed. Enjoy!

  • in reply to: New guy from Fl #75218

    Outstanding. I think we’ll have to bring the bikes along. That should make for a great trip.

    Thanks for the info.

  • in reply to: New guy from Fl #75217

    Welcome to Singletracks Code.

    You will love the feel of a higher quality bike. Look forward to seeing a pic of it when you get it.

    Any good trails in the Lake City, High Springs area (North Central Fl). Coming down that way over Thanksgiving for some cave diving and my buddy also rides. We might bring the bikes along if there is somewhere to ride nearby.

    How far out are you guys from there?

  • in reply to: PUMP TRACK #75256
    "salsa_29" wrote

    Has anyone rode a pump track for training? Is it worth the work to build one and does it get boring after a week?
    Does anyone have pointers for making one?

    Try this for help on building one.
    http://www.leelikesbikes.com/ebook-welc … ack-nation

  • in reply to: How to deal with extreme heat??? #75164

    To keep in line with the "fabric" discussion….

    When I was in the Navy, our uniforms were made of cotton (working uniform). The first day of boot camp they taught us to use our uniform as a flotation device. Once in the water we would button the top button on our shirt, tuck our chin to our chest and blow into our shirt. The shirt would inflate and as long as we kept it wet, it would hold air and we could relax and float in the water. Worked with our pants and hats as well (all cotton).

    The cotton fibers would swell when they got wet and seal in the air.

    I would imagine a sweat soaked cotton shirt would react the same, sealing in all the body heat you are generating.

    Wear a fabric that breathes.

    This has been a public service announcement


  • in reply to: How to deal with extreme heat??? #75162
    "brianW" wrote

    I I personally do not like to "pour" water over myself. I find the salt/sweat in the eyes is worse than the benifits.

    Funny how different we all are.
    I myself wear contacts and when I get riding, the wind in my eyes seems to dry out my contacts and they like to try and pop out. I look forward to the point in my ride where my helmet padding has soaked up so much sweat that it has saturated and the sweat starts to run into my eyes and keep my contacts moist. 😆

    I hate the cold but the heat doesn’t really bother me to much.

  • in reply to: How to deal with extreme heat??? #75159

    The best start for this is don’t wear cotton.

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