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  • in reply to: VIDEO: Huge gaps at Loosefest #170090

    No joke that is a huge gap.  I could try that once

    in reply to: Podcast #127851

    Thanks for the info. I am honestly a little shocked there are three different podcast available for cycling. I am gonna have to check all of them out.

    in reply to: Forum doesn't recognize you as logged in? Here's the fix #127649

    Thanks Schwim. I figured I was the only one who had the issue. At least the work around is easy enough.

    in reply to: Disc Cleaner #126290

    You are probably fine with just a light touching, but yes Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) will work for cleaning the rotor. You can also wipe down the pad itself with alcohol. If things are real bad do a light sanding and then wipe the rotor and pads down again with alcohol.

    in reply to: Your typical riding season #126189

    Now that I live in South Texas, I ride all year long. I can handle the heat of the summer if I get out on the trails early enough. Plus, there is only a slight chance of freezing so I don’t have to worry about damaging the trails. The only weather that stops me is rain.

    in reply to: Diamondback Apex Elite? #126118

    What you read is probably true about Diamondbacks and making a bike purchase is so difficult. For me, I have never been completely happy after any bike I bought. I just want to keep buying better and more as I gain more experience.

    in reply to: Diamondback Apex Elite? #126116

    It seems like a decent deal for the price. As you will hear frequently, give it a test ride or 2 and make sure it feels good on a ride. If it feels like a nice ride, I’d get it. Hope that helps.

    in reply to: Night riding #126089

    I recently got a cheapo light off of Amazon. So far the light has worked out great. It last for over 2 hours at a time and I’ve never had a recharge issue. Night riding adds a whole new level of intensity. You ride a little slower, and for me, areas where my look ahead is short freaks me out a little.

    in reply to: Another vs topic #126064

    After a quick look at the specs I, if I was in your position, would go with the diamond back. I am no expert and just gave a quick look, but I hope that helps.

    in reply to: Old Skool #125970

    Very impressive bike "hack". I’m glad you were able to get them to work just fine. I look forward to any future updates or other sweet hacks you perform.

    in reply to: Red Bull Pays $13 Million to Settle Absurd Lawsuit #126027

    It is the privatization of the legal system. It is cheaper and less damaging to a company’s reputation to just settle out of court than risk being declared guilty.

    in reply to: Old Skool #125965

    That is awesome that you were able to get it to work. I own a less than great road bike and the advice I was given was to just ride it until it falls apart. How does she ride now that you were able to get the disc brakes working?

    in reply to: Anything worth riding in Corpus? Heading down tomorrow.. #125862

    If you head a few more hours south, there are a few trails in the Rio Grande Valley area, but I doubt you want to do to much more riding. Unfortunately, I’ve never made it to Corpus so I’m of no help for that area.

    in reply to: New to MTB #125858

    The best tip for starting out is to just head out, maybe with a group of friends or a club, to a trail. Start on an easy trail and just ride. Don’t be afraid to walk something you don’t feel comfortable with either. I walk stuff all the time and it doesn’t embarrass me if I’m not the best on the trails.

    Doubletrack is a trail that is a firebreak road sized or wide enough to get 4-wheeled vehicles down the path. While, singletrack is approximately the width of the bike.

    I hope this information helps and mountain biking is a lot of fun. I hope you make the transition and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

    in reply to: Getting There #125816

    Good luck with the recovery. Ease back into it and don’t over due it on day one.

    Thanks for the guide. Hopefully this will make it that much easier to convince my wife to get a mountain bike and start riding with me.

    in reply to: New trail support meeting #125601

    I don’t have any articles, but I now live in Very South Texas. Just let me know what else I can do to help!

    in reply to: a new member from italy #125588

    I lived in Italy for two years, didn’t do much biking but I loved the traveling. Welcome to the site and I hope you have an enjoyable time on the forums!

    in reply to: 10 Year old Birthday ride. #125561

    That is a really cool family tradition and Some nice pictures. Now you are really going to have to kick it up for the 10 and 15 trips. Anyways, you and your kids can definitely outride me with that kind of distance, I do like 10 and I’m done.

    in reply to: Would you help an injured mountain biker sue? #125571

    It does sound fishy, but it could be something legit. Maybe the builder used low quality wood in an area prone to rotting or another example of clear neglect. In addition, I doubt lawyers would release to much more information on the case tho, so its a tough decision.

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