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  • in reply to: Hydration packs what does everyone use? #90472

    Just ordered me raptor 14 will let everyone know how i feel about it when i get it/test it.

    in reply to: My "Ultimate" MTB Video Playlist #92587

    Thanks couple these i havent seen befor couple i have. lol

    in reply to: Singletrack Tshirts? #92406

    Got my tshirt today in mail, Looks great, havent wore it yet but also got two more free stickers woot woot.

    I did go riding today tho felt great out there today.

    in reply to: Hydration packs what does everyone use? #90465

    Ive been looking at some packs and wondering if the raptor 14 has a place for ipod? Like i seen mule can put ipod on top pouch and has small hole for headphones wire to come thru..

    in reply to: Singletrack Tshirts? #92404

    Thanks guys. Im going to pick me up one for those hot sunny days lol.

    in reply to: Free Singletracks Stickers #90480

    Email sent.

    in reply to: New member #90179

    Welcome. 😃

    in reply to: This Week in pctures!! (New goal obtained) #90104

    Looks like you had a blast, All the trails look fun..

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70559

    Heres a pic of mine


    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70558
    "sevendaysoff" wrote

    i’ll play. here’s my trek 3900 hard tail. nice bikes everyone.


    I loving your bike, color is great..

    in reply to: Trails all to myself WOO HOO!!! #89927

    Looks fun, I cant wait to get my bike out this weekend.

    What kind camara are you using i got to buy me one.

    in reply to: Riding Video II – The Gap Side #85928

    Nice video

    in reply to: My Mongoose Blackcomb,the transformation begins… #86012

    Nice bike, I love the way these look.

    in reply to: MTB Photo Post #79903

    Nice pics guys, I need to get me a camera..

    in reply to: Roadie craving some dirt #86001


    in reply to: Let’s get Singletrack Kits! #84199

    Id like to see the actual jersey when you guys get them..

    in reply to: MTB Photo Post #79845

    Im not sure i dont want a big bulk along my side tho just something small that can take some nice pictures.. I was looking into the easyshares by kodak.

    in reply to: MTB Photo Post #79841

    Wondering what model camera everyone is using i see some really nice pics. Im going to be on market for one soon also to take places with me. So maybe i can post some great photo’s like you guys seem to do..

    in reply to: Back from Moab with the new VholdR helmet cam!!! #84720

    That place looks badass. Nice video.

    "Beaker" wrote

    While you wait to get back to Moab and work out the bugs in your camera, take a look at my Porc. Rim video via the GoPro helemt cam.


    I’m trying to add one of Amasa back also but having some difficulties…

    in reply to: Let’s give a warm welcome to… #84822
    "ChiliPepper" wrote

    Yeah, Element is a cool dude! Very bike knowledgeable as well. Hopefully one day I can give Element a run for his money some day on some DH or Fr trails. 😆 😆 😆

    Hey Impulse, hows your bro doing (blackcomb)? You guys getting any riding in at all, especially the Pisgah trails?

    Not much lately seems when i feel i get a break its raining.. Or i dont get much as a break as i thought i would.. Kinda sad feels like i cant get a slow down in life working at office depot making $7.25 a hour lol…

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 28 total)