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  • in reply to: 1×12 Is Coming #185147

    Actually, Jared13, there is sarcasm punctuation.

  • in reply to: 1×12 Is Coming #184396

    50t ring…in 5 years the big ring’s going to be the same diameter as the wheel itself.

  • in reply to: Has an MTB helmet saved your life? #178300

    Probably unhelpful, but I’ve never gotten injured not wearing a helmet but have had two concussions while wearing helmets. I think the sense of security makes me more reckless.

  • in reply to: Trip of a lifetime #127513

    I’d love to join you at some part of this journey. But it’ll all depend on when you’re doing this as I’m fairly nomadic and all over the place.

    I got a few things that screwed up my riding. Muscle condition ended up crushing the right side of my rib case and will flair up riding so I have a hard time breathing, same condition also tore of most of the muscles in my legs so I had to get PT and learn to walk again, have diplopia now too so I can’t see obstacles easily. Anyways, I basically know the feeling of loving a sport so much you don’t let anything stop you from riding. I can’t go fast and keep up with others so i end up riding alone 95% of the time, but I still love MTBing. I’ve gone through a number of sports in my life competitively and I’ve burned out of all of them. Cycling is more being able to be free for me. I don’t race or anything cause I love it too much to ruin the pure fun.

    Hope I can take a trip from where ever I’ll be to hop in on your adventure! Sounds amazing.

  • in reply to: Coming out of hiding to shed a few pounds #127497

    Haha, ya man. I disappeared off of singletracks for about a year and finally logging back on now. Realized I should probably stop MTBing and actually finish college. Lots of exams and papers later I gained a few myself. But happy to say I graduated and back on the bike and lost that study-snacking weight. Life takes turns, but the bikes are always there waiting for your return.

  • in reply to: Clipless or Flats #127188

    I get asked that a lot by people shopping at The Bicycle Shop. Honestly, it depends on you. People say clipless gives you more power, which is arguable and at best marginal.
    It depends on your riding style for one. I use flats on my mtbs cause I like planting corners and having that kick push over things cause I’m tiny, with a tiny bike, over big logs. Clipless just got in the way. I tried clipless on my mtbs for a bit and it made me a mess. Stuff I could do easy on flats I’d just fall on my face with clip ins for no good reason really. But on the other hand, I love being clipped in on my cross bike and road bike. No good explanation.
    The biggest thing is confidence. If you’re more confident knowing you can bale then you’ll be a better rider on flats. If you’re more confident you’re foot will be planted and secure to the pedal then you’ll be better clipping in. If you’ve got the confidence with the situation you’re in, then you’ll do better. A lot of mtbing is just believing in yourself that you can get through the situation.
    You never know which side you fall on until you try. See if you can borrow a clipless set up from someone and give it a go.

  • in reply to: Tips for Dropper Seatposts? #125730
    "LucindaInGA" wrote

    [quote="Ginny_Tory":35y9cop9]I’m new to droppers and I can’t get mine to go down, LOL! My riding buddies are able to get it. I think I’m too light or something’s a little quirky in the works.

    Ginny, I’m light and can get mine to go down easily. I think some models are more finicky than others, but my Lev is really smooth and pops up easily as well.[/quote:35y9cop9]

    I have the reverb on my bike. I wasn’t looking for a dropper, just came with the bike. I haven’t had reason to use it yet. I think I have to lower the pressure or something? Not sure…I’ll mess with it when I get a mtb break.

  • in reply to: First Underground MTB Park Planned, Bound to Fail? #124920
  • in reply to: Tips for Dropper Seatposts? #125724

    I’m new to droppers and I can’t get mine to go down, LOL! My riding buddies are able to get it. I think I’m too light or something’s a little quirky in the works.

  • in reply to: Road Trip #125621

    Well. Desert, sand, rocks. That was different, lol.

    And I think Fruita is my perfect town to live in, ignoring the climate.

    Had loads of fun. Must go back for more eventually.

  • in reply to: Road Trip #125619
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    [quote="Ginny_Tory":2sq265tr]The National Forests at least have a ton of MTBing trails through them. Thinking about White River NF around Aspen and pike NF…unless there’s a better spot.

    San Isabel National Forest and Gunnison National Forest… although that area is a lot further away from RMNP[/quote:2sq265tr]

    Yeah, those are just a bit far. This won’t be the last time I go through CO, I’m sure. I’ll get to everything else eventually.

  • in reply to: Road Trip #125617

    The National Forests at least have a ton of MTBing trails through them. Thinking about White River NF around Aspen and pike NF…unless there’s a better spot.

  • in reply to: Road Trip #125616

    Thanks guys! Our first stop’d Rocky Mountain NP. Will definitely head to one of those trails to ride!

    I got three CO friends and all I hear from them is blah blah colorado rockies this colorado rockies that blah blah blah our rockies are the best. Growing up with the Canadian rockies, I’ve gotten into a few arguments with them about which is better. lol, so first on my to do list when there is to find out what the hell they keep talking about 😛 lol

  • in reply to: Road Trip #125610

    We really want to hope around and see the National Parks. Do you know if they allow riding there? How much do they have in ridable trails?

  • in reply to: Arkansas woman dies at Fat Tire Festival #125463

    She split her face in half while wearing a full face helmet? 😮

  • in reply to: Dual pedals #125243

    I was wondering the same thing when deciding on a pedal for my new bike. I sometimes commute on my bikes and I don’t want to clip in for that. As okay as I am with riding on spd m980s with sneakers, I’d love to have just a bit more grip. Yes that dual sided pedals are off balance with weight so they flip automatically putting the platform side down all the time. If you don’t mind having to look down and kicking the pedal over, then they would great. but there’s also the m324 version that insides of having two sides, puts a cage around the SPD that rides like a platform. The two sides are pretty evenly weighted, so it’s better.

    Go to a store, find someone with these pedals, and try them out. Testing’s always the best way to decide. … ntain.html

    Another idea is to get a clipless sneaker. So you can clip in and walk around in the same shoe. They’re really useful.

  • 😆 wow I didn’t really realize this was a big question that needed to be studied. Wonder if there’s any studies on women. Besides being sore I wouldn’t have thought saddles caused anything.

  • in reply to: Suspicious Mind(s) #125329

    I would have done the same thing. Someone with a really nice bike probably wouldn’t let their others into disrepair, even if it’s a commuter. Then again, he might have just been transporting it for a bike crazy friend or it was a his gift to someone. You never know. I would of made a mental note in case I did see a stolen bike flyer anywhere just as you did.
    It’s profiling, but statistically it works.

  • in reply to: Can you recommend easy & long xcountry trail? #125199

    I second the Kingdom Trails.

    The PSU team did a trip up there about 2 years ago renting out a cabin and everything. I so wish I could have gone.

  • in reply to: Mountain bike the Appalachian trail in NJ ? #125266

    The AT is for hikers only. MTBing is illegal on it. Just don’t do it, lol.

    And no I never heard of anyone trying. There are other MTB rides available in the area anyway.

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