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  • in reply to: What frames use a 9.5" rear shock? #121310

    Some good old Florida Freeridin’!! For sure no downhill here but some nice ledges to ride off of. 😃

    Thanks for the info man,I was actually looking at getting a Bullit frame a few years ago,I like the way those look. How big of a fork are you running on yours?

    in reply to: 3D Printing of Bicycle Parts #119943

    There is no reason that you can’t tweak a design even with "hard tooling". That being said,I have no experience with metal based 3-D printing,just manual and CNC machining. 😃

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118330

    For those of you in GA, Terrapin Brewing currently has a cycle related event going on but also is doing a race May 25th for their first beer in a can,Recreation Ale. It’s called the Recreation Ale Flatrock Challenge and it’s in Dacula at Harbins Park.

    Here is a link to the FB event page..

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118329

    A few weeks ago,one of the local groups of women MTB’rs bought a couple growlers from the local brewery to give away as prizes at one of their events. I thought that was a very cool prize! 😃

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118328

    Boddington’s is pretty good,as well as Wexfords Irish Ale,which is usually real close by on the shelf here.

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118327

    Growler Time!! That’s awesome Fitch and if I ever see any of their brews,I’ll surely give them a try! What did you fill that growler with? We have an odd law here in Florida where we can’t buy half gallon growlers,but gallons and quarts are fine,…leave it to Florida!!

    I picked up a Dale’s Pale Ale to give it a try but I’m mostly not a pale ale fan either. I also picked up a Deviant Dale’s and a 6 of Old Chub.

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118321

    For any riders in Arizona,I came across a canned craft beer festival link on Facebook…


    While it doesn’t mention too much about the actual fest,there is a good description of the Jai Alai I mentioned.

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118319

    I actually remember seeing that picture on here a few years ago and loved the idea of pizza and beer during a ride but I have yet to do it,it’s just been the beer so far but I’ll fix that soon 😃 All the talk of Oskar Blues,I will have to check out a few more of their offerings this weekend on my longer Saturday ride.

    in reply to: The Beer Thread #118317

    Oskar Blues is distributed here,Dale’s Pale ale being the most common but I noticed they make a Deviant Dales IPA that I have yet to try.Their Old Chub Scottish Ale is pretty good.That’s cool they opened up another brewery!

    As far as shook up beer,if I rode with it onto the trail I’d have to let then sit for a few before opening but they should settle down just fine.They go through hell on the truck on the way to the store,haha.

    I was wondering about Flying Dog the other day,for some reason I don’t see their beers around here anymore.

    I’m all about drinking local beer,but it’s hard to get a growler out on the trail so until later this summer when our local Swamp Head Brewery starts to can their beers,I’ve been hunting others.

    Avery,Oskar Blues,and Cigar City are the most common around here.

    I’m not too much for drinking during a ride but if I have any intended maintenance to do,I may take a couple for that,other than that,I just hang out on a log at the top of the drop I built after the ride. 😎 I actually want to put in a bench for that purpose. For bottled beer,I would take it to the end ride spot,before the ride,but you run the risk of other thirsty bikers finding it,haha.

    in reply to: Skidding: good or bad? #118217

    I’m wondering how that is a question,haha. When it’s done for slo mo shots in videos,it’s done to throw dirt and look cool. When I see it on a trail where there is no need,I always just figure someone is playing around. When I see skid marks in front of a ledge drop,I know someone reconsidered at the last minute,or was not aware of the upcoming feature.

    I think if you’re in control of the bike, there is no reason to lock the brakes up 98% of the time.

    in reply to: The Rock trail in Gainesville Florida #92511

    If you’re a Facebook user,there is a "The Rock Trail" group. Clint Gibbs is the trail guy and member of the group so if there is a workday,you will see it on there.


    in reply to: It’s better to drink beer after exercise than water #116777

    I’m recovering nicely right now! 😃

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102937

    Thank you! 😃 If you ever head down here stop by and check it out.

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102935

    I was happy to put them on there! I have about 4 more floatin’ around out there too.

    This is what I had pictured when my buddy and I cleared the trail last year,it just took a bit longer to actually get the ledge built than I planned which is good in that it gave riders a chance to get used to the smaller drop before stepping up to this one.We plan to build a smaller warm up drop,as well as a bigger one eventually.There was nothing like this here in town and I was lucky enough to have permission to build on this great trail so hopefully it’ll elevate a few riders skill level including mine. 😃

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102933

    The finished ledge.

    I’ll eventually build something down there for all that speed.

    From down there…

    Finishing touch.

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102932

    There’s that super smooth flow we all love but don’t always find.

    I’ve tried to keep the trail section as smooth as possible to keep from distracting riders from the end of the ledge.That,and it just feels much better to ride a nicely groomed trail.You get out of it what you put into it.

    This shows the grade of the trail where it comes down onto the level bridge,plenty of speed to be had if you pump that log.

    You can kind of see the angle here as well..

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102931

    The posts were set on a Saturday after a ride along with the 2X6’s.I came back the next morning to finish it up..

    Everything is nice and level!!

    There is the finished decking,spaced one board thickness apart for a smooth ride.

    To get rid of that small step onto the ledge,I found some appropriate sized rocks to place against the wood to prevent rot,then leveled it off with dirt to keep the smooth flow of the rest of the section.

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102930

    So a year later,the drop has been rebuilt about 2 1/2 feet higher with a 12′ X 26" ledge. I used 4X4’s for supports and sunk them into the ground roughly 14 inches.


    If you’re gonna build a trail feature,build it strong,and build it to last. I used lag screws for the supports after tacking them together with a nail.


    I put a 2X12 across the front with lag screws for side to side stability and general strength.


    in reply to: He has gone to the dark side! #111260

    Haha..The first thing I wondered was…"what is the darkside in MTB?".Then I saw Fat Billy posted so I really had to check out the thread.

    I have no desire to ride one,I don’t trust people enough to not be doing something stupid in their Suburban or whatever other giant ass vehicle they’re texting in,so I stay off the road.We had 13 cyclists killed in this county in a year around 10 years ago and hearing that decided it for me.Other than that,I hate breathing exhaust fumes so I’ll stick to the woods,haha.

    "May the Force go up in you" I’m still laughing about that!

    in reply to: Building a Ledge Drop #102927

    I had it already on Photobucket so I was wondering where else I posted it…figured it was on here somewhere.In that case,I will have to get new ones after the "bridge to nowhere" is finished.I also posted the video of this,I remember you saw that and asked what the noise was when I landed,haha.

    For anyone else interested in seeing the video,here it is. 😃


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