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  • in reply to: Is This a Good Beginner Mtb? #190096

    Agreed with the above. To get some good opinions, you need to share some details. What’s your price range? Where do you live? What’s your fitness level and age like? How long do you want the bike to last?

    Most of us in the MTB world (that’s “MounTain Bike”) started on something just like that – an old hand-me-down bike with V-brakes, weak shocks, and a frame that didn’t fit. But as Ziphead said, the more fun you have, the more you’ll want to get into riding. A few hundred bucks can land you a great used bike, and let’s face it: we’re talking about fun and safety, so spend the money.

    Check out your local bike shop (LBS) and see what they have. The forum is a great place to find info from riders all over the US (and the world!), but it’s also worth seeking out local bike clubs that will know your local terrain better.

    in reply to: Dealing with the wife and new bikes #185381

    It’s a dangerous game for sure… I got away with buying a new bike on January 1st. Immediately after we found out she was pregnant, so I JUST got under that finish line! No new bikes for 18 years. 🙂

    in reply to: Favorite music to get pumped to ride? #184550

    Any type of high-energy rock music. For the winter riding up in Massachusetts, I’ve been using the new album from Sevendust for a lot of my psyche-up moments.


    in reply to: Crank Brothers Pedals #183098

    I had a CB Candy set for my first pair of clipless and would definitely recommend them. It’s a large surface platform, and they’re easy to get in and out of, which was huge for me working into the confidence needed to ride them well. I upgraded to Shimanos probably 6 months later, but for the money, I really liked them.

    in reply to: New Years Resolutions & Goals #182005

    I just upgraded to a Trek Fuel Ex 8, so my goal is to just ride as much as humanly possible this year!

    in reply to: Wear earbuds riding on the trail? #181835

    Nah, being in the woods is about being in the woods to me. I like loud rock music on the way to the trail, the sounds of my own heavy breathing and nature while on the trail, and then something chill after the trail. No ear buds here.

    in reply to: Hey, nice rack! #181831

    I still dig it! It transports two bikes just fine and does exactly what it sets out to do. I also like that it can be broken down and folded into a few shapes in attempts at storing it inside the car.

    The wheel housings won’t hold a fat tire, though.

    in reply to: New Year's Day Ride? #181743

    Weather permitting, I’m absolutely going out on New Year’s Day. Fantastic idea, though it may be a little slushy. Oh well. New bike. Have to ride.

    in reply to: How prepaired are you? Really? #178234

    I forgot to mention that I have been looking into organizing a backcountry first aid training for my riding club.

    That’s an absolutely fantastic idea. My local club is focused on building trail, maintaining trail, and riding trail. Over the past few years, we’ve branched out into things like “take a kid MTBing” and some ride skills work. I think something like “backcountry first aid” would be a great asset!

    in reply to: Has an MTB helmet saved your life? #178102

    I did a pretty aggressive head-first crash into the ground a few years ago that gave me a severe concussion and caused me to pass out twice. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have woken up if not for the helmet!

    I have a firm rule that I will NOT bike with someone if they don’t wear a helmet. If someone is that stupid, then why would I want to spend any amount of time with them?

    in reply to: Scar check! #178101

    I’ve still got a good chunk of rash on my right arm from a wipe out earlier this summer. I was coming down a hill and washed out and came VERY close to landing on a fallen tree rather than the leaves and bushes next to it. The arm hit the tree and put a solid line across it and some bark rash…. that still looks pretty awesome right now.

    “Bones heal and chicks dig scars.”

    in reply to: What do you do when it's too wet to ride… ? #178100

    I like cross-training, so if I had my heart set on riding and can’t, I’m normally into the gym for weight lifting or will spend some extra dedicated time with my drum set.

    Or go to a bar.

    in reply to: What's your go-to, after-ride beverage? #176926

    It’s almost impossible to find, but if you ever get to try the infamous Heady Topper… the nectar of the New England MTB gods… you go ahead and have one!

    in reply to: Northern VT, the place to be! #127474

    Ain’t that the truth… VT has some sick riding.

    in reply to: Is it just me? #107394

    For the money and fit, I love the Old Navy active wear stuff. Shirts are normally less than $10 in solid colors. Breathable, moisture wicking, and light weight — they’re great for mountian biking.

    in reply to: Injuries #94683

    Most common are cosmetic injuries — scratches to forearms, knuckles, and legs, especially from random prickers or branches. I’ll also throw in the occasional sore back from too many roots and rocks. Ooh, and my pride. I hurt my pride a lot.

    Worst was landing on my head after a bad jump in 2008. I passed out twice with a [i:2oc2uo79]really [/i:2oc2uo79]bad concussion. I don’t know if I’d be here if I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

    in reply to: That will never happen to me… #127217

    No helmet = no biking.

    I’m glad mountain biking and helmets are synonymous now. Glad you’re okay – and you’re right, you’re VERY lucky to have been at that speed, hit a car, and not typing your post through a computer-linked straw.

    in reply to: Moved from Northwest to Northeast #127232

    Haha – this is awesome. There isn’t a ton of New England presence on, and I often find myself looking at the rest of the country’s trails where they say "technical" and I see "pretty standard."

    The biggest difference is I often wonder why so many people seem to be able to crush 20 mile rides on an afternoon out west… oh, it’s because 75% isn’t roots and rocks covered in switchbacks. 😃

    in reply to: Night riding #126092

    Maybe it’s the cats I ride with, but the speed and technicality of my night riding is normal on par, or maybe a little ahead, of my daytime rides. There’s something not quite right in the heads of New England riders, but we’re all VERY used to rough terrain.

    Because all our terrain is rough. 😼

    in reply to: Strange sighting #126436

    Up in MA, the weather has been very cold, but mostly dry, although we don’t get any afternoon sun this time of year. I can’t wait for a few more degrees to come back and to get out for some night riding. The trails are all rock hard with almost no ice – just freezing cold and dry!

    But during the day… I’ve seen that odd glowing sphere, too, and it looks fun! Come back! Come back!

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