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    I think commuting is where i plan to start, my mountain bike needs new wheels, i have the wheels but i haven’t had them put on yet, and im terrible at bike maintenance so i need to get that done. i think the warm weather is going to be a big motivation as well. and Goo i can’t wait to ride together again but i have to get into better shape first so i can keep up with you. also i have a car now so i can come and ride in your neck of the woods.

    where is this free flight? i’ll be looking for a new bike soon, as long as i get back into shape, and my job keeps giving me good hours. plus ride a trek remedy 8 for free hell yeah!

    i live up near gainesville.

    in reply to: upgrading the BRAKES #89529

    there’s no reason not to get new cables, but you don’t have to get new levers, i run BB7’s with 185mm all around. to me there isn’t much difference in stopping power between the 160 and the 185 but to me the 185 had more modulation and just seems more manageable power. i could be totally weird tho. 😄

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    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="FBTrek321":3rud8ske]this is me wearing my new Giro Xen

    I’ll see your Xen helmet pic and raise you one singletracks jersey with it!

    i’ve gotta get me one of those, been meaning to for a while. maybe next paycheck i’ll have the dough

    in reply to: For sale 2006 Giant Rainier with upgrades #92064

    frame size? location?

    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91975


    this is me wearing my new Giro Xen with the FREE!!!! Giro Convert, both of which function awesome!! well hopefully i dont get to test the helmet out other than how cool it looks and how cool it keeps me!

    in reply to: Nike Poobah Shoes: Collectible or Ride Them? #91674

    sell them to some hipster! i bet you could get a lot of money out of them, being vintage and they look pretty cool. im sure some hipster would wear them on his fixie

    in reply to: Whats a good shoe for Flats? #91677

    +1 on the 5.10 shoes, the minaar shoe is my favorite, but that has both SPD and flats. only other shoe like it is the shimano MP66w which is what i currently wear. but i want a new pair of Minaars

    in reply to: full fingered gloves for sweaty fingers? #91399

    Fox and Dakine gloves ROCK!!! i have fox airline, dirtpaw and 360 gloves, and a pair of step ups that i got for next to nothing.

    im a huge fan of fox, i think the stuff looks great, and pretty much everything i’ve gotten from them holds up awesomely. lately i have been using Thor stuff, i used to wear Thor MX gear, and my godfather sent me some MX gear recently and i liked it so much on a DB i wore it on the MTB and if anyone is looking for awesome gloves that arent hot and offer great protection the Thor Phase glove and the Thor A/C gloves.

    i usually rock the phase gloves, but the AC gloves is the the "coolest" glove around, and still protects pretty well if you have to bail.

    sorry for it being so long, i think gloves are one of the most important things you can wear, its hard to live everyday life without your hands, and i have crashed and had to not use my hands because they were all scraped up so, i’ve spent a lot of time finding out what gloves are best. hence having so many pairs. 😄 😄 😄

    in reply to: HELP!!! #92043

    i got them a lot tighter but its such a small hole i dont think i could get enough into it to actually hold the torque it needed to, hold but thanks, that’s something i will def remember!

    in reply to: HELP!!! #92041

    th JB weld only kinda worked…not enough to have the grip not slip… and the bike shop didnt have any that fit…neither did home depot

    chili if you would send me those i would be extremely grateful 😄 😄

    sent you a PM

    in reply to: HELP!!! #92040

    that’s an awesome idea! wished i’d thought of that. gonna go try it right now.

    in reply to: Riding jerseys, where do I get them? #91875

    i buy all my MX gear at motocrossgiant.com

    in reply to: HELP!!! #92038

    so does anyone think i can rig up something with the rounded bolts?

    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91973
    "SaiyanFury" wrote

    [quote="FBTrek321":3gzks0fx]The Xen is awesome, and if you look at the reviews someone posted that it worked great with their stella light

    Hmm, couldn’t find the review that spoke about their Stella, but I will certainly will keep the helmet in mind. I just don’t see airholes positioned as I like to mount my light, but I’m sure I can make something work. 😛[/quote:3gzks0fx]

    Rating for this product: 5
    Best Value

    By: Brian Buerger
    February 5, 2010

    I have used Hex and upgraded to the Xen. The Xen has more coverage on the back of the head and seems to fit nicer.

    Very durable, plan on getting another this spring. The vents are ok, but make perfect placement with a Lights n Motion Stella 200.

    ^^^^just copied and pasted it^^^^

    its the first review

    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91970

    The Xen is awesome, and if you look at the reviews someone posted that it worked great with their stella light

    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91968
    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91966

    whats gone? the Xen is still there for $65

    in reply to: SWEET DEALS!! #91964

    i dont think the grips were on sale at all…but that was the only thing, the Giro Xen is only $65! with free pair of Giro shades!

    in reply to: Getting into DH and FR #91754

    dude that was sweet!!glad to see you’re pushing the bike to its fullest potential!

    and i know youre a better MTBer than me, but i LOOOOVE catching air on a DB(catching air is the most fun and the most dangerous part in my opinion 😄 😄 😄) so as element said you need to be a little further back, you dont want it to be totally noticable but pretty much always you want your rear wheel to hit just a milisec before teh front, that’ll have you landing way smoother from way higher.

    and i know nothing about full susser MTB, but i know they have to be somewhat similar to DB’s in setting a sag. dunno if you have that set up. but getting that set up by someone who really knows what they are doing makes a HUUUGE difference.

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