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  • in reply to: Stylish pollen mask #212115

    Thanks Jeff! Just ordered one!

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    Hey Jeff love the design! I have a similar product from the brand that shall not be named, and was wondering what the material is? My current one is fleece lined on the inside, which makes it great in the cold weather, but that’s about it. Is this fleece lined as well? Thanks!

    in reply to: Bar battle! Race Face Next or Renthal Fatbar? #211084

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Ah that makes sense, thanks Aaron</p>

    in reply to: Bar battle! Race Face Next or Renthal Fatbar? #211077

    Just curious where you saw that the Race Face Next 35 bars are 725mm? I recently upgraded to the Next bars and Atlas stem, and the bars are 760mm. I decided to go with the 20mm riser and carbon and I’m really happy with the Race Face products! And the added bonus of Race Face offering different colors helped my opinion slightly!

    in reply to: Trail Riders – Backpack/Hydration Pack or no Pack #208713

    Try to go without the pack as much as possible. I have my spare tube strapped under my seat, frame pump, and two bottle cages on my bike (perks of a hardtail). For shorter rides I use the Specialized KEG in one bottle cage with a multi-tool, keys, cash, a bar, and maybe CO2. On the longer rides I just stuff my pockets and bring two water bottles. If I start the ride with an extra layer, I’ll usually tie it around my waist if it gets too hot.

    I did a 30 mile ride at the end of the summer and was the only person to not bring a pack. I knew one of the trails we were riding I would be able to refill my water at. I didn’t feel the need to carry water for the whole day when two bottles could be filled and I could keep the weight off my back.

    in reply to: What's the best deal ($$) on a fat bike? #208709

    My LBS has some leftover Norco Bigfoot’s marked down pretty good right now. Marked down from about $1200 to $1500 to anywhere in the range of about $700 to $900. Not sure of all the specs on the bikes, but solid frames that provide a good base to upgrade when components wear out, or to just get yourself on a fatbike!

    in reply to: MTB gps unit vs. smart phone gps app? #207938

    I recently got the Garmin Edge 25 because I was sick of killing my phone battery and data. I use my GPS as a set it and forget it, so the simpler the better IMO. I don’t find the need to be able to link to maps, or do real-time strava segments so the Edge works great for me.

    Jeff, maybe you know the answer to this question. I haven’t seen any differences in uploading mileage, but my elevation is always out of wack. I’ll finish a ride and my GPS will say I’ve climbed lets say 1,300′. I upload to the Garmin Connect app and the elevation will drop to like 1,13o’, and then when I upload to Strava it will be 1,215′. These aren’t exact numbers, but hopefully you get the idea. I don’t think you would have run across this in your GPS tests as the track shouldn’t have had any elevation change. Have you experienced or heard of this happening before?

    in reply to: Mudgaurd for Manitou Mattoc Forks #206249

    No problem! It comes with velcro stapping to attach it, but not that much. Some people use zipties but I prefer the velcro as it is a little easier to take off, and rubbing will not damage your fork at all. I bought some velcro cord ties at Home Depot for about $5 which came with I think 50, much easier to use IMO.

    in reply to: Mudgaurd for Manitou Mattoc Forks #206222


    Mucky Nutz Face Fender Reverse

    I bought a regular Mucky Nutz fender for Manitou fork not thinking about the reverse crown on it. I ended up just cutting a slit in it about half way back and that worked, and after the fact realized they make one designed for forks with the reverse crown, like Manitou. Hope this helps!

    in reply to: Mudguards: faux par, necessary evil or never! #205916

    It’s tough to tell how where I attached the bottom of the fender seeing as everthing is black, but I was able to position it in what seems to be the right location.  The original slits in the mucky nutz are pretty much right at the front, so I went about 1/3 of the way back and added my own. Hope this helps some, I know it isn’t the best picture!

    in reply to: Mudguards: faux par, necessary evil or never! #205763

    Jeff, I also have a manitou fork. I picked up a mucky nutz fender not thinking about the fork crown and was disappointed when I realized it wouldn’t fit right. What I ended up doing was cutting a slit in the fender about half way back, and attaching that to the crown. Then I picked up some velcro ties that are used to wrap up cords and such, and used those around the bottom of the crown behind the stanchions. It actually looks pretty natural, and works great!

    Actually ran into Phil Kmetz the other day while he was putting this video together at Starbucks… awesome guy and he makes great videos. He said it was so sketchy riding that thing, the handlebars kept twisting on him and he wore out those brake pads so fast. He said the steep rocky section in the woods was scarier than the jumps because he really had no way to slow himself. I think the fact that he’s such a good downhill rider is the only way this bike kind of made it…

    in reply to: Wires strung across SE Massachusetts trails #190170

    Came across this news… Sickening especially since these are trails right by me and I’ve been exploring those areas more this year. Makes me scared to even want to ride those areas even though they have some great riding opportunities…

    in reply to: Dropper Posts #189595

    Aaron, I think there is definitely a place for it in XC. The article said that he’s running one with shorter travel (65mm) on his race bike compared to training bike (100mm). Even dropping that short amount makes a huge difference, I know when I drop it down it isn’t all the way every single time.

    ZipHead, that’s actually an awesome idea! I’m going to try that out tonight and see what it feels like.

    in reply to: Dropper Posts #189546

    Dropper all the way! When I purchased a new bike about a month ago, I had two things I wanted no matter what: 1) a dropper, 2) 1x drivetrain. Got both of those, oh yeah and a sweet bike too! (hardtail with a dropper actually, Aaron)

    But I think the dropper is a great improvement because of all the reasons Greg said, and what you said as well Aaron. Another time I can think that I use it is any time I stop, whether it’s waiting for another rider, taking a picture, stopping for traffic, etc. It lets me sit down for a minute and be able to put one foot on the ground, and also I find it easier to stand up and get back on the pedals and then pop the dropper back up to sit down.

    I’m in no way worried about weight on the bike, but if I was racing XC I think I would still want to run a dropper for the added benefits, even if there is a weight penalty.

    in reply to: Slapped my sticker on my ride! #189170

    Finally got it on! Hopefully our Strava times don’t suffer too much! 😉

    in reply to: Slapped my sticker on my ride! #188951

    Like it! I’m trying to figure out where to put mine, only thing is my frame is neon yellow, not black like yours….

    in reply to: Trail riding hardtail or full suspension? #188908

    For me personally I love the feel of a hardtail. Just recently got myself a new bike, the Specialized Fuse which is 27.5+ and I love the feel. When I was looking at new bikes I demoed a handful of full suspension trail bikes, but there’s just something about a hardtail to me. And plus size does not in any way make up for the lack of suspension, but it doesn’t hurt!

    in reply to: 2008 Specialized Hardrock Comp advice #186207

    Last fall I blew out the fork on my ’04 hardrock. It still had the stock fork and I went to my LBS and talking with the guys we discovered I had two options. Spend about $70 on a suntour that I would most likely blow out again, or upgrade to something on the lower end of the spectrum from RockShox, but closer to $200. What I decided on is going with the more expensive Rock Shox Recon Silver. I realized I didn’t want to be held back by a fork, and let me tell you upgrading this thing feels unbelievable. The suntour is more of a gravel / railtrail fork as the hardrock is very entry level. Something to think about in terms of the riding style you do. My opinion is the Recon feels so much smoother and lets you adjust it for your weight, also comes with a lockout.

    Specs for my hardrock were that I needed a straight steerer tube, 1-1/8″, with disc brake mounts and in a 26″ wheelsize. I went with 100mm of travel which I find sufficient and much better than the stock fork. Make sure you check the specs for your specific bike though.

    Hope this helps you out!

    in reply to: Is Trail Work as Fun as Riding? #185758

    I’m with you! People think its crazy but I love to be outside getting dirty. I’m working on building a trail in the woods behind my house, nothing crazy but something fun to do, and I try to pitch in with trail work whenever there’s a build day.

    I stop all of the time during rides to clear branches on the trails and such. I know its not necessarily building, but much needed maintenance. I was on a group ride Sunday and we came across 4 or 5 trees laying in the middle of the trail and everyone pitched in to move them out of the way.

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