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  • in reply to: Mountain biking in the midwest? #81441
    "ChiliPepper" wrote


    also wondering if there are any female riders around the area….get back to me

    (i fixed the typo)

    Dont be offended dude,but this is not a dating site.singletracks.com and not singles tracks.com.


    Hey Steve, he may be talking about local female riders for his wife or GF to ride with. 😉[/quote:3v8zki1f]
    I have to agree, I hope my wife would ‘chum up’ with another female so I can go on more rides, lol.

    in reply to: GPS: Is a Garmin like a Timex? #90673

    The 1st accessory I bought for my Garmin eTrex Venture was the handlebar mount! After a hundred or so miles and a few spills, I do more damage to my wrists, lol!
    MTB + geocaching= Bliss!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)