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  • in reply to: Knee Injury #200486

    How exactly did you injure it? Spin classes, and biking in general is pretty low impact. Overuse injury? Im curious because Ive had multiple knees surgeries playing football and mtbing is one of the only cardio activities avaliable that my knees feel great with, outside of winter riding.


    Also have a background in exercise science, so I may be able to help. Just need some info

    in reply to: Help with Pisgah! #198495

    Thanks for the reply. We ended up just heading back to Dupont, which is hard to beat. I think maximum time Ive ridden is like 3.5 hours and like 17 miles at somewhere like Dupont. I get dehydrated faster than anyone Ive ever seen in my life. So carb/electrolyte and water/gatorade capacity get me about that far. Ive already got 3 liters of water, 2-3 32OZ gatorades, and eat like 2-3 Cliff bars 45g carbs each. I tell ya, Im ridiculous. Had this issue im football too, not as much a training issue, but more of a sweat issue. Anyway, Dupont was awesome. Thanks for the tips. May try one later when it gets cold cold. Cheers


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>You obviously dont ride near as hard as most people on the average trail. Id break those bikes in the first ride, like a lot of people would.</p>

    in reply to: For Sale…09 Titus Motolite #107682

    Where exactly are you located? And would it fit me? I’m 5’10", 240 lbs. Thanks

    in reply to: Weekly Weigh In #105885

    Sorry to jump in right at the end here, just wanted to say body fat monitors are not a very good way to measure progress, unless you spend a fortune on one. The results can be HEAVILY skewed based on how hydrated you are, or dehydrated. And since it’s hard to be a consistent hydration, I would measure inches lost and total body weight. 😃

    in reply to: Need advice on purchase #105616

    Thanks man! When you say "the Older ones" does the 2008 fall into that category or the redesigned cat?

    in reply to: Need advice on purchase #105614


    Thanks for the reply man! I’ve never figured out why people won’t at least type yes or no as a reply, but they’ll comment on some random dumb picture of a squirrel. haha, sorry for the rant, just need you guys advice. It has a video link too. Looks pretty good, def gotta get rid of that stem though. way too huge! haha

    Thanks again for the input man

    in reply to: Need some input from the clipless crowd #104684

    uhhh…..tighten them. 😆

    in reply to: Monday Morning Funny #105386

    That’s so awesome. I’m so stoked on this bar.

    The directions are correct, just thought I would make it easier. If you have to park at the top right near the main road when the gates are closed, take a left on the gravel road after the gate. Go down it past the next little parking lot where the lake is and its the next left with the shelter up on the hill. (You can park there if you drive down there when the gate is open) Anyways, if you park where the shelter is, you should see a wooden drop ramp to the right of the shelter. Just follow it up the trail and start at the top. Hint: Explore a little bit, because I’ve found a dual bmx racing type course with berms and a starting block. Also a little dirt jump park you can’t miss. Let me know if you find the dual bmx racing course. Good Luck! 😃

    in reply to: Clemson Dirt Jumping #105261

    Thanks guys! It was like 20 mins of editing in Movie Maker. That’s something I’m trying to get better at. Yeah, I would huck it at the end, only problem is if you did you wouldn’t land on the trail. Haha, it takes a pretty good left turn. You’d tumble down the mountain.

    in reply to: Clemson Dirt Jumping #105257

    It’s in Clemson, SC. Near Issaquenna trail.

    in reply to: Need some input from the clipless crowd #104682

    Same pedals as you. Love them. I have the 90$ Northwave whatever they’re called shoes. Can’t imagine needing anything better. They work awesome.

    in reply to: Cold weather gear #103116

    Bought some Under Armour Coldgear tights from Academy Sports for 49$. Went to Dupont State Forest when it was about 30 degrees yesterday, and they were amazing. Even got them muddy and wet and they were fine. Not too hot, not too cold. Felt like normal legs. And they’re definitely cheaper than the Izumi’s I’ve looked at.

    in reply to: Go Pro #104184

    Oh yeah. 100% worth it. The ONLY downside I’ve seen while using it is the added weight when using with the vented helmet strap on a lightweight mtb helmet. or the added thickness with the head strap. It won’t allow the angle to be straight forward. But those are small deals compared to how awesome it is.

    in reply to: Where was the Life Cycles film shot? #104321

    Well, it shows a lot of Vancouver in the scene where the bikes in the back of the truck leaving town going to the trail, so I’m sure it’s somewhere around there.

    in reply to: Go Pro #104179

    One more thing. I think you’re explanation might be a little confusing. What he means is since you have to mount the camera upside down to get the FOV pointed in front of you down the trail, the video is upside down. There’s a setting on the GoPro where you can change it to upside down mode. This actually flips the video for you, so when you plug it into your computer and watch them, they are normal looking. 😃

    in reply to: Lets hear about/see your Christmas Shwag #104140

    Cool. I have a Cateye Enduro 8 and love it. Does everything I need. And it’s been through hell. 😃

    in reply to: Price vs Quality #104252

    Well, having just gone through this, I’ll throw my two cents in. I bought a Oregon Scientific something something for like 60 bucks on ebay. Decent reviews. Got it. It sucked. Bad. Bought a GoPro HD Hero 1 and just sold it so I could get the HD Hero 2. Completely worth it. Mtn biking is one of the those things thats shaky, so the cheaper the camera, the less image stabilization you get, in turn makes your videos unwatchable. The whole reason to film is to watch. I know you’ve heard it a lot, but there’s a reason. Just trust the reviews, friends, and people on here. Get a GoPro. I think you can get the GoPro HD Hero 1 right now for 199.99. Or the Hero 960 for 129.99. But I’m also the kinda guy that tries to make something work, when we all know you can’t take chicken $h!t and make chicken salad. Save up and get one. Best purchase ever. Trust me. 😃

    in reply to: Go Pro #104173

    Buy the Chesty mount. IMO, it’s one of the best. And I’ve never had a problem with my go pro hero 1 or 2 being too heavy. Even with the lcd backpack on it. You don’t want to mount it on the handlebars, because it’s too much shaking. I would try the chesty, then helmet, then seatpost facing forward, then backwards if you have someone riding with you, in that order. If you need any help with working it pm me. Good luck

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