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  • in reply to: How often do you ride with your POV camera? #218071

    Unless I’m going to hit some downhill I haven’t filmed a whole lot before, I hardly ever do. Once you ride the same trails over, the video is all the same.

    in reply to: Maxxis High Roller 2 Help #217865

    Thanks Aaron. Knew you guys would be able to help. So many options its hard to figure it out sometimes.

    in reply to: How do I know if I should enter a race? #194124

    Thanks guys. My main concern was that I didnt want to just completely get in over my head and embarrass myself, but it doesnt sound like that is really the case. I may try Cranksgiving. Its basically downhill from what I gather, and thats ok. I was kinda of looking for something in between. Ive noticed Im faster on downhills than a lot of the XC guys Ive ridden with, but on the super steep grades I tire out before them. Im 5’11”, 220 lbs. I have a Giant Trance X1 circa 2011. I think I may just enter it, blast the downhills, and see where I am in the beginner class. Thanks for the help

    in reply to: How do I know if I should enter a race? #193843

    Also, many of you may know George Hincapie,  the Tour de France teammate of Lance Armstrong.  He lives in Greenville, SC, and I passed him the other day on the trail. I can officially say I passed a Tour de France team winner. Just thought that was cool. I know if he was actually trying, he would make me look like a circus monkey on a tricycle

    in reply to: SC ride recommendations #192162

    Thanks Jeff! Exactly what I wanted to hear

    in reply to: Hard-Tails or Full Suspension? #192107

    Maybe its just my experience, but Id disagree. Had a Felt Q720, with a Rock Shox Revelation fork and lockout I added, and climbing was great until you hit anything. The rear tire, because it has no play, tends to jump up for a split second as it goes over roots, rocks,  etc. My old Giant Trance , because the rear suspension has a rebound pushing back into the ground, hugs the ground a whole lot more when Im climbing.  My Strava times are proof of it. Way, way faster on the Trance. From day one even, and I was very schooled on the hardtail.  That split second where you are really cranking and it seems like a gear slips or something, when your rear tire hops over something before it comes back to the ground is what Im talking about. I can just straight up crank on the Trance and it always has traction. Its older also.  Also, not sure, but I think my Trance is much lighter than the Felt I had. So that rule would only apply sometimes. I certainly woudnt get rid of the Trek if it were me. Just smoke em on the dowhill sections.

    in reply to: Whistler bike park. Heaven on earth. #192106

    Cool video. Looks like a blast. Hope I can go one day too

    in reply to: Budget 1×11 convertion #191904

    I’ve got a giant trance also,  so if you wanna get rid of your 2×10, let me know.  I’m running 3x right now.  Never touch my biggest chain ring

    Are you breaking it?  If not,  no offense,  but conditioning is probably the limiting factor here.  Not saying a brand new bike wouldn’t make you faster,  because it probably would,  just that thats not the focus. Focus on yourself.


    in reply to: Bike washing… #191676

    Wash. Literally everything Ive ever heard or read says to wash. Not washing can hurt. Sounds like youre doing everything right. Just no high pressure water on the fork seals or shock seals. As far as bearings go, Id think it would depend on the kind and if washing could damage them, they sound pretty crappy to begin with. Its a replaceable part anyways. Wont last forever. Ive been wrong before though. If I am, someone correct me. The Global Mtn Bike Network on youtube suggests doing exactly what youre doing to prolong the bike. Judging by how they ride, Id say the guy you talked to doesnt know what hes talking about.

    in reply to: Camera work. #191600
    1. Add music
    2. Shorten the clips just a tad to keep the viewer interested in whats next
    3. Play around a little more when you ride if its specifically for a video, with manuals, jumping, hard cornering, skidding, endos, etc
    4. Good ending. Good job though. The more you edit the better youll get. Make sure you dont just pump out videos like I did at first and save up some good clips, even if that means being patient,  and the end product will be better.
    in reply to: Gps Strava enabled bike computer? #191279

    Jeff, later this summer? But but how is that going to help me NOWWW? haha. I look forward to it. The few reviews were really good.


    Thanks Rupert.  Exactly what I wanted to know.

    in reply to: Gps Strava enabled bike computer? #191206

    Rupert, is the extra for the Garmin 25 over the 20 worth the Bluetooth upload to you? I saw its about 50 bucks or so. They are both above what I wanted to spend, but Id like to get the best for the money. Appreciate the response

    Very, very cool. Kudos, and Ill be pulling for you and this product.

    in reply to: Need some tire recommendations #190852

    Well, I went ahead and ordered a Continental Trail King 2.4 Apex Sidewalls, ProTection, and Black Chili Compound. Must be coming all thr wayfrom Germany because they said 2 weeks before its available.


    What Im planning on doing is throwing it on the rear,  seeing if it fits, then putting on the front for cornering right now. My old Kenda Honey Badger on the rear (2.2) still doesnt have any problems with climbing, so maybe by the time it gets here and I figure out if I can clear the 2.4 Trailking I can order another one. Bike shops around me dont really seem to keep a lot of stuff in stock. Just the basics. Gotta order everything.

    in reply to: Need some tire recommendations #190575

    Thank you. I think I may go TK 2.4 up front and 2.2 TK in the rear.  I was going to mix match, but may just stay with the Continental, since you say they seem more durable.

    in reply to: New bars, stem, and grips! What ya think? #190494

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360"] Heres the new stem.[/caption]

    in reply to: New bars, stem, and grips! What ya think? #190441

    <i>R</i>ides well so far. Its a little weird, mainly because Ive had almost the same exact bars on my 2 bikes the entire time Ive learned to ride, so theres a learning curve. But, I can see how it will come in handy when I get used to it. I had to watch it a couple of times with the trees, but thats just having to learn how far my bars stick out in space.


    The grips are great. I did take off my gloves today, and with super swesty hands it was pretty sketchy. Not sure Ill be riding anywhere without gloves. The stem length is great though.

    in reply to: New bars, stem, and grips! What ya think? #190423

    Grips are lizard skins chargers also

    in reply to: New bars, stem, and grips! What ya think? #190422

    Easton Haven 35mm bars 750mm width

    Stem is a Raceface Chester 60mm. Worked out perfect. The old 90mm that was on there had to go

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