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  • I see a few people have mentioned eye protection which was the first thing I thought about. I usually ride during the day, so its my sunglasses most of the time. I also have clear, vented, tight fitting safety glasses for when it’s overcast or the sun is setting. I can’t count how many times those glasses have gotten clipped by a branch or hit by debris coming off the rider in front of me. Going full send with something in your eye is…no good.

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    I really like the 5 trails at Theo. I would advise upping your skill level and confidence before hitting Brownie Lake (the southern most trail). It has some pretty intense uphill rock climbs and some gnarly drops. With the snow on the ground now, time to christen that Farley.

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    Murphy Hanrahan in Savage, MN is 2 miles from my house, its fast and fun. But I have a soft spot for Lebanon Hills in Eagan, MN. Truely something for everyone there. If I’m ho-humming about where to go, I end up there.

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    The single track scene in MN is great. Assuming Theodore Wirth is on the way to work?

    As mentioned above, you can get pretty dusty and dirty on the trails. You’ll have to be ready for that. On weekend rides, head south to Lebanon Hills or Murphy Hanrahan. You can easily spend a few hours at both. Or go north to Elm Creek for some flow and fun technical features. Always check the MORC website ( to see if trails are open. If you ride wet/muddy trails, you’ll get the boo birds from the community and possibly fined if caught.

    Welcome to new addiction…I mean hobby.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)