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    Thanks Jeff it is greatly appreciated! If you don’t mind you can just delete the other account if possible as I won’t be using it.  Thanks!

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    13 of them.  Honestly loved them all.  Only one is in my state, Brown County State Park which I love.  So, for the rest it takes a road trip and you can never go wrong with a road trip and Epic trails!  I did love FATS as much as BCSP.

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    Never!  I am with many who mentioned getting out in the woods, for me that is the whole point!  The quiet and just the trail, my bike and me.  The noise and rat race are around me the the other 95% of the time and that is already way too much!  The phone even gets turned off so I don’t hear calls or texts!

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    Thanks for the info!  Wish I would have printed it out!

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