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  • Wow- now ain’t that a loaded question…..

    Who’s the hottest actress?
    What’s the best beer?
    What’s the best dog breed?

    Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers.

    Isn’t this what makes this country so great? We can have debates over toys that cost (in some cases) several thousand dollars.

    My short veriosn answer would be – its hard to go wrong. So many manufacturers making excellent products. Whether or not they have been producing quality bike for 30 yrs or not is irrelevant. There are many engineers/builders/designers/welders/… that have worked for multiple companies (Pivot is a good example). I think my ride is the best, my buddies all think theirs is the best,,,some are on 29ers and some on 26ers… also depends on where you ride and how you ride.

    Since this response is long enough I’ll say there’s my $0.05 worth.

    in reply to: Fruita Fat Tire Classic #98008

    Just got back from Fruita/GJ. Rode Mary’s Loop/Horsethief Bench/Moore Fun, Joe’s Ridge, Ribbon (and who knows what all in that area trying to get back to the TH!), and Zippity DoDa. Great time and great weather. Have fun!

    I’ll attempt to post some GoPro footage when I get the chance (bought a new HD with chest mount)

    in reply to: anyone see the movie 247 hours #95339

    Yeah…it was almost twice as good as 127 hrs. Almost 😃

    in reply to: Pikes Peak #97447

    Is this riding down Barr trail? That would be a ton o’fun!

    in reply to: Colorado newbie #97476

    My $0.02 is this:

    If I was driving 12+ hours on June 13, I wouldn’t hope CB was going to be rideable. Sure, most of the lower trails should be clear but 401 will probably have snow still. Like been said earlier, it’s been a good snow year. That being said, I COULD be totally off-base – I jsut wouldn’t chance it personally.

    For the time (almost exactly the same CB vs Fruita), I would go to Fruita/Grand Junction and play on those trails. Moab is only 90 minutes away also…..

    Also, you mentioned going to Boulder on your way out….curious as to waht you had in mind there. Boulder is a roadie mecca but, honestly, other than a couple decent trails not really a great place for mtn bikers – much more along the front range (IMO).

    Don’t get me wrong – I love CB, I just think your timing is a little early.

    in reply to: EX8 or Rumblefish? #96897

    I owned an EX8 (before I ran it over with my van 😳 ), and with the insurance money I bought a Niner – not a Rumblefish but close enough.

    The Niner allowed me to increase my downhill abilities in a huge way. I lose nothing on handling. The EX8 ascended much better – except on technical terrain where the larger hoops help get over over obstacles.

    The main drawback of the 29er is in steep ascents – it takes about 30% more energy to climb.

    Your choice really depends on a couple things: what kind of terrain do you typically ride? What is your riding style? What is the most important aspect of the ride?

    Love those ‘tough’ choices!

    in reply to: Thinking about buying a road bike #96452

    Road biking is a great alternative to Mountain biking – depending on where you live. I used to live in the Chicago area and was scared most of the time. Out here in the Front Range of Colorado, I’m never scared for my life.

    When the trails are still drying out I’ll hit the road hard. Most of my riding buddies are mountain bikers that also ride road. I happen to be a road biker that also rides mountain bikes. For those that say it is boring, come out and visit…I’ll show you some exciting road rides.

    in reply to: Race Face to quitt – Rumor? #96726
    "maddslacker" wrote

    I’d be very surprised of someone didn’t purchase the brand and possibly the manufacturing assets…similar to the Titus deal last year.

    Who purchased Titus? I knew they were stopping production but not that someone stepped up and took them over.

    That is suprising about RaceFace – they are on of the top brands.

    in reply to: Riding in Rocky Mountain National Park #96715
    "jwh321" wrote

    [quote="maddslacker":25y4468u]There is SOOOO much mountain biking in Colorado. Is there a burning reason that you want to ride fireroads and pavement in the park?

    Only because I’m staying almost at the entrance to the park and thought it would be good if I could hpo on the bike and ride rather than to have to load up the vehicle and transport it to somewhere.

    Keep in mind, I have only what I know of the park from years ago so I probably have a steep learning curve, but I like to park the vehicle and forget it when I’m on vacation and I have this burning memory of the Old Fall River Road and I’ve always wanted to ride it on a bike (I’m given to believe that its not permitted except in the early spring before the road is opened to cars).

    I’m sure I’ll find lots of riding (I’m going to Vail for awhile, too, and I’m well aware of the riding around Vail).

    That’s my motivation — nothing more than wanting to ride over roads that have lurked in my memory for many years.[/quote:25y4468u]

    I didn’t look at that link someone posted – is that where you got this (fall River only open in spring)? As far as I know you CAN ride Fall River Rd. I’ve never done it but know plenty of people that have – and have seen bunches. In the spring before it is open to cars maybe you can ride down – before Trail Ridge opens to the top. However, it is a one-way road otherwise – even for bikes – so you have to finish up at the visitor’s center and then ride down Trail Ridge. That is the only non-paved road (other than campgrounds) that you’ll be able to ride. There are some other rides in the area like Lion’s Loop, Pierson Park that are OK – I stress "OK". If you can get out for a bit and drive to a TH let me know and I’ll give you other ideas close by.

    in reply to: Why do you ride? #95413

    * my wife would kill me for spending so much on a bike if I didn’t ride!
    * my couch gets tired of my fat a$$
    * if I don’t get a ride in my kids pay!
    * it’s a heck of a lot more fun than running
    * allows me to eat (more) mango habanero wings at BWW on tuesday nites
    * scars are cool

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96397

    Go to and look under the ‘articles’ tab – go to the "how to do it" section and look for the Truck bed rack. There is the design and plans for Chilipepper and prophets desgin. I agree prophet, I had to cut down the 8.5" pieces to allow for the rear derailleurs – I cut down to about 7".

    The rack works great – I use bungees to keep the bikes a little more stable, especially with smaller dia. tires. My mtb is big enough that it squeezes against the lift gate and stabilizes it that way.

    Took me about an hour and $20 to make a 3 bike rack.

    in reply to: How much does your XC Mountain Bike weigh? #96024

    I guess I can’t really call my bike an "XC" bike. Its more of an "AM" category bike – but it just over 30#. I usually don’t complain about how much my bike weighs but I hear it complain about the rider weight ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it just groans and creaks but I hear the message loud and clear.

    in reply to: Trail fees? #96016

    Horsetooth Mountain Park has a $6/day user fee or an annual pass for $65. We ride their often in the summer and also use the trails for hiking a fair amount as well. I don’t mind paying because we do utilize the trails on a regular basis.

    It is not just one trail – it is a network of trails and a few different trailheads. There was recently two new trailheads/parking areas opened up and a new trail that connects three open space areas. Made for more quality singletrack in an already diverse area.

    in reply to: why mt biking is better than a road…. #95766

    Mountain biking is definitely more exciting but if you’ve never hit 50+ mph on a twisting mountain descent on tires 1" wide then you’re missing out! That can be every bit as fun as a fast techie trail. The pizza analogy is a good one – it’s all gooooood.

    I love the fact that I have a great mountain bike and a great road bike. I have incredible singletrack – and several options – right out my front door as well as amazing mountain roads (without much traffic to suck the exhaust from). I have friends that love to ride both. One of the hardest week-end decisions is what and where to ride – what a great dilemma!

    in reply to: Pissed Off #95276

    My biggest peeve is people who can’t wait for the trails to dry out! Out here in the west trails get ruined when ridden wet. Why can’t they wait until the trails are dry? It’ll really piss me off when we start losing trails because of these morons.

    in reply to: Lets talk shorts #95947

    Fox Mid-Ranger baggies. Most comfortable short I’ve ever owned. They have a raised back on the waistband which makes them never feel like they are falling down and showing my crack to anyone behind me!


    in reply to: bucketlist ride #95633

    Skibum: What have you heard about Sovereign in Moab? Just curious cuz I’ve ridden it and wasn’t that impressed. Other than that – Mr Toads is AMAZING, and Amasa Back is one of my all-time favorites – its the one in Moab I ALWAYS ride.

    On my bucket list is to ride the Durango area.

    This summer I’m riding thru France (road bike) and doing most of the major TdF climbs and then some. Thats been on my bucket list for a long time. I may end up renting a MTB and riding Alpe D’Huez on a MTB as well.

    in reply to: What is the best Moab tour company to go with? #92929

    Soooo, how was Moab? Did you go with a tour group or use local expertise to point you in the right direction? Pictures, details, etc……

    in reply to: Singletracks Group Ride near Boulder? #90162

    I should be able to make it… sounds like fun.

    Sorry Maddslacker, I’ll be coming from the North.

    in reply to: Mentality of a Mountain Biker #89671
    "joetutt" wrote

    My question to you is, Why should you not have rode that trail? You obviously tore that s@%t up. Sounds like you’re ready to me.

    ….and survived relatively in tact.

    Unless you’re a "bike path junkie" that graduates to real mountain biking and you don’t know what you’re getting into, why not ride to your limits and beyond. Just don’t stray too far from those limits!

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