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    "skibum" wrote

    [quote="pinkmtb":1a1k3lp1]the other idiot…….well, looks like an idiot. He should at least be wearing a helmet to teach his kids safety.

    Yeah, pretty typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality.[/quote:1a1k3lp1]

    Seems like thats been Obamas plan since the start. His wife is out there talking about getting kids to eat healthy while her husband is wolfing down chili dogs every chance he gets.

    Now getting some pointers on how to handle a nasty switchback from a former president, what would be cool. Too bad while he was in office they didn’t change some of the rules for wilderness areas to open them up for bikes.

    in reply to: Foam grips #94838

    I’ve had zero slipping issues, although I got them near the end of summer and only put a few rides in. I’ve got some sweaty hands on the few rides and a couple of creek crossings without any slip issues with bare hands.

    in reply to: Foam grips #94836
    "joetutt" wrote

    Did you check out the Crank Brothers Cobalts? They’re foam and lock-on at just a measly 65g (almost half my LS Moabs at 113g) and as with all Crank Brothers gear, they look pretty sweat. Plus, they look rather durable too. Check em out! … cobalt.php

    These things rock, I’ll be getting a second set for my project bike shortly. Unless you dump into some rocks or sharp branches I don’t think the cobalts are going to wear out.

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70630

    Ghost trackstand? 😆

    in reply to: Nubey w/questions #94220

    Try some WTB Velociraptors, they’re a great tire for the price. Or Kenda Nevegals, or panaracer fire pro xc’s if you want some extra color for your ride.

    I ride the raptors on dry and wet conditions and they seem to climb well without slipping out even in some sloppy clay.

    in reply to: Trek or Specialized #91054

    Go with the 6700 the component group is a step up from the comparable Specialized.

    in reply to: Old higher-end vs newer entry-level #90827

    09 4500, its what I ride and I enjoy it. I personally believe that a 9 year old bike is going to need some TLC and its value is going to go down because of it. Plus that 8K is ugly.

    in reply to: Is this a good deal at $100? #90565
    "idontplaynice" wrote

    It’s a 2007 model and it’s really in good shape. No blemishes that I can see.

    I took it out for a spin this morning. Combination of paved and dirt singletrack riding. It held up all right – the only thing is that it’s a little heavy and not very nimble. But considering the price point, and the price I paid for it, I’m not complaining.

    BTW it’s a 16 in. frame.

    Nice, everytime something like this comes up around here I get no response from the sellers. They changed only the front fork between 07 and 09, same amount of travel @ 63mm.

    How tall are you? the nimble thing might be a sizing issue.

    in reply to: Is this a good deal at $100? #90563

    I think its a 08 and the rims are worth 100, looks 15-17" range based on the pitch of the top tube. Probably bought for a kid who didn’t know what he wanted and now wants a "road bike" or "bmx". I’d pick it up as a spare or loaner bike, perfect for the person at work/school who has all sorts of questions but no money to buy a bike.

    You can always tell the new 10’s vs the older models because the 10’s have some ramped up beefy integrated head tube thing that looks like it weights 10 pounds.

    in reply to: Mountain Bike Hater Taken into Custody #90366


    She’s honestly lucky something like this didn’t happen. I think it could be a accident, but if the line was tight like a guitar string she could have been killed out there.

    in reply to: Ray’s Indoor MTB Expanding to Milwaukee #90525
    "trailrider247" wrote

    thats cool that hes expanding and going more national with his bike park, i just wish he would have came here to Colorado first, instead of Wisconsin 😃

    Hour and a half from Chicago, and a few more from Detroit, I could see people driving up from St. Louis and a couple other mid west cities. Plus Milwaukee is a decent sized hub for most major airlines.

    The only problem will be the fixie riding hippies from Madison.

    in reply to: Ray’s Indoor MTB Expanding to Milwaukee #90520

    Two hour drive is going to beat sitting on the trainer looking at the wall of the basement.

    One of the magazines has a write up about this, I’ll see if I can hunt it down. He’s planning on openning a new park every other year.

    in reply to: Hydration packs what does everyone use? #90454

    Cool stuff guys, I’ve got a buddy who was jealous when he saw me drinking on the fly and not needing long rest stops to chug water from a bottle. I’ll point out the Osprey packs to him and see what he says.

    in reply to: Mountain Bike Hater Taken into Custody #90362
    "garbanzo" wrote

    On a side note, what enviromentalist walks around with a hand saw?

    When I saw Berkley I thought, well this guy probably protests at soldiers funerals too.

    in reply to: Fear/hesitation (confession time…) #90424

    I met a stranger on the trail who showed me some crazy stuff… My only comment for him was that there was a cyclocross racer somewhere inside me. The worst thing you can do is bail out and walk down the really crazy stuff.

    in reply to: Good deal or total crap? #90241

    Placed the order today, also picking up a cassette to go with it. I’ll be sure to post a review of these wheels once I get them rolling.

    in reply to: Phone number? #87537

    Shoot Trek a email direct, and give them a good day to respond. You’ll actually get a response from their engineers and tech guys and probably a few extra bits of info.

    in reply to: Tax Refund — MTB! #86990

    If the money wasn’t already ear marked to pay off some debt I’d have picked up a Trek Fuel Ex 5 or 6 this year.

    Theres always next year.

    in reply to: Brand Name? #86924

    Trek 4300 was rated as one of the best buys for this years model by either MB action or Bike magazine in their latest issue.

    Depending on how little your brother is, (growth wise) I’d say craigslist the old bike, have your parents get him a bike in his own size and he’ll enjoy it alot more. I rode a 21" for years and suffered until I stepped down to a 19.5 frame. Yoda might know alot about the Force but size does matter.

    in reply to: F7 cranks and chains #85913

    The crank arm fell off or the entire assembly blew up out of the bottom bracket?

    I had this problem after hitting a small stump while peddling my ass off. Crank arm hit the stump and 15 mins later it was barely holding on, had to use my keys to turn the nut back on and limp the two miles back out of the trails. Don’t attempt to put the crank arm back on yourself if it did fall off, take it back to the dealer where you bought it from and they’ll break out the torque wrench and put it on with the correct foot pounds of torque needed.

    When I talked with my Trek dealer about this issue the general manager mentioned that sometimes in summer/spring when its busy the guys who do the final assembly in the shop don’t always do a thorough check of the bike. If your bike shop gives you the run around on this call Cannondale direct or email them about your problem. Don’t sell out your local shop and complain just let them know whats going on. You’d be suprised how quick some bike companies want to make things right.

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