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  • in reply to: 1st singletrack ride with 6 year olds #100050
    "maddslacker" wrote

    It must be the name, this is my daughter Ava. She’s been riding dirt since she was 7.


    that’s awesome bro, I hope to have my 3yr old on dirt next year… he is on a schwinn kazaam and he is rocking that thing.. going of the steps in front of our building… im so glad he loves being on his bike..

    in reply to: 29’ers #101354

    so i was very active in this forum and have been absent for a few months(what up maddslacker) and one of the reasons i have been absent is due to a whole lot of riding and career change. In the process i have now atained a HT 9er, a rigid 9er and ofcourse i still have my f/s 26" Teocali which fits like that old pair of jeans that you dont ever want to throw away. Anyway i have been rdidng 9ers an awful lot and i must say that the fast rollin’ 9er wheels are a blast. 😃 😃
    My thought is everyone should own atleast one of each. I haven’t riden a f/s 9er on trail yet and that is in the works. if i like it i hope to purchase one next fall..
    Mbgirl had questiion on the switchbacks and i found myself cutting switchbacks a little wide to start and finish them thight meaning my front wheel starts wide to give myself room for the rear to clear and then i bring the front wheel in thight in the switchback.. hope this helped some..

    p.s if you have one of each you never have to regret buying the other… 😆 😆 😆

    in reply to: numb arms #101762

    I have had similar issues and so first thing I did was switch to wider bars and that seemed to help a lot but I still had it from tome to time and the final conclusion was the straps on the pack… So with wider bars and a new pack (courtesy of the boss) the Osperey zealot 10, which has very thick and wide pads for the shoulder straps… i have rock a few packs in the last 3 years and the mule did help but not enough.. i have yet to have any issues with the new pack but i haven’t done anything longer than 2 1/2 hour rides with it..btw my bars on my full suspension are 31inches uncut and 28inches on my rigid niner… good luck

    in reply to: Saturday ride at Palmer trail #97718
    "Brian.p" wrote

    Were is this trail at? :?:

    Hey Brian.p, assuming you are familiar with high drive? You park at the bottom of where high drive and lower gold camp rd. meet and pedal up high drive about 0.9 miles and you will come up to a trailhead on the right hand side. Follow the trail to the right and you will climb .2 or .3 miles and you will come to a split where the trail goes staight or to the right and up, follow it to the right and up. The climb is fairly easy compared to the climb up high drive which I dred.. any more ?uestion don’t hesitate to ask.. i think it’s listed on here as Section16 which is the second half(downhill portion) of the trail which I have riden 3 times in the last week. It is fun but very dry with washed out sections but one hell of a dh ride.. total miles for the loop is listed in my book at 5.8miles..

    in reply to: Position during cornering #98253

    for me its kinda like mudhunny said, I like to lean the bike and stay centered over the BB. That is what comes natural to me and I have always done that even in the bmx days.. but it also depends on the clearance I have on the sides (trees).. I used to be able to lean the bike at a 45 degree angle bmx that is, mtb not as much but I try. Also something that I learned when cornering is to stiff arm the arm that is on the inside of the turn. It might seem funny at first but it definetly works (especially in the sandy stuff atleast for me)…

    in reply to: Ellsworth Demo Sponsored by CS West Bikes #98404

    I got to ride the Moment on Capt. Jack’s and the Chutes… It bombed so flippin’ smooth 😃 😄 😃
    The Ellsworth moment.. sweet ass bike!
    The sunday shop ride was done Ellsworth style… 6 people rode on sunday 5 were riding Ellsworth..

    in reply to: Hardtail -vs- FS #98450
    "maddslacker" wrote

    I’ve ridden both, and I LOVE my full suspension. However, I am in the process of researching to buy a 29er hardtail.

    Im with madd on this one cus I miss my hardtail and my rigid and I am itching to try out a 29er HT but the problem is this, if I like it I will want it so for that reason I have not riden a 29er..
    I rode my HT with guys who only rode FS bikes and bombed everything they did…
    For me riding my FS is more tiresome because I will try and throw it around a lot more then the HT so it makes for more work which = more fun and air time.. 😆 😆 😆 😆

    in reply to: 12+ hr endurance training #95179
    "maddslacker" wrote

    I disagree, it cannot be stressed enough how handy it is to have a second light pointing where your head is turned.

    hey madd, we will run our dual light comfiguration and they can one one! I have riden both ways and dual is the way to go… The only time I run one is if Im on the road riding home…

    in reply to: spandex shorts #82108

    I dont even remember I HAVE IT ON…

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98366
    "maddslacker" wrote

    I’m not doing a duo…we need four riders!

    I agree, 4 riders is a must… We can call it singletracks.com (hinthint) 😃 😆 😎

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98363
    "steve32300" wrote

    [quote="maddslacker":cn9dsor2]Speaking of Falcon Trail, we should put together a Singletracks 24 hours of CO Springs team for this fall

    Just an Idea but you could call it the "MADDBUDDAH" team,,,,,hahahhahaa.I’ll shut up now. 😄[/quote:cn9dsor2]
    Hey madd I second that idea.. Im down for that…
    @ Steve I can dig the name of the team 😆 😆 😆 😄

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98359
    "CraigCreekRider" wrote

    Those are some sweet looking trails. I love a good ridge top ride. Great pics, thanks for posting Buddah.

    That’s one of the things I enjoy about this site and that is posting pics to share with everyone…
    Your welcome!!!

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98357
    "mesjulia" wrote

    I’m spoiled–since I live here I get to ride those trails all the time 😃

    I think we are all spoiled in our own way causse we all have our little gems close to home…
    But I could loop Joe’s Ridge and kessel run all day long or even some of the Kokopeli’s trails..
    Next time I get stranded in Fruita I will give you a shout!. I had no internet access.. You might have to take a sick day 😄 😆 😄

    in reply to: Trail conditions for Buffalo Creek?? #98043

    If I have a vehicle I can meet up with you guys. I was planning on going up with trailrider247 and maybe CJMCC. Both my Explorer and my yukon are out of commision and not easy fixes either 😢
    Hope I get a chance to get out there and ride with you guys..

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98352
    "Goo" wrote

    Dang dude those photos are killer! I bet you had a blast!

    Thanks Goo, now these are the places that are mst take pics on my list. It was so much fun and the weather was between 54degrees and 60…

    in reply to: Fruita 5/2/2011 #98351
    "trek7k" wrote

    Unreal. Pic #4 is my favorite – that looks like a rippin’ descent!

    If you look at pic # 5, it is slightly further back then # 4 and you can actually see how it drops in and if you look at pic # 9 it is looking back at the descent that started in pic # 4… It sure is a blast of a ride and the best part is you can loop that trail so easy. Very minute climb for a rippin’, fast, fun, jaw hurtin’ from smiling ride back down..

    in reply to: St. George Utah MTB Trip Video #98216

    Sweet! Thanks for the info.. I recall seeing the sign for goosebury mase…

    in reply to: Starting the weekend off right… #97386

    Just a few shots from Bootleg Cyn in Boulder city, Nevada…
    was having to much fun riding to take pictures and sometimes I forget I have a camera.. 😆 😆
    my buddy who lives out there..
    yours truly..
    the weather was nice definetly not hot out there YET!

    in reply to: St. George Utah MTB Trip Video #98213

    I just did a 2400 mile round trip from Colorado Springs to California and back starting Friday the 29th @ 630pm and getting back to the Springs the 2nd @ 9 pm but the point of this is where in St. George did you ride at? I stopped in St. George but was unprepared kinda last minute decision as to ride there so I had no idea where to go and didn’t find anyone really helpful…
    I did end up riding Bootleg Cyn in Boulder city and I rode in Fruita… I was hoping to ride St. George, herd lots of good things about the riding there…
    Nice video btw…

    in reply to: Starting the weekend off right… #97385

    I was in Fruita riding today… Awesome weather..

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