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    I got more info on the full suspension bike. It’s a 2018 Fuji Auric 3.6 with some upgrades (pedals, tires, dropper post, 11-46 cassette, brakes)

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    I believe I’ll be going with The Marin, but the shop owner did have a used fuji full suspension bike (not very old, don’t have the model or spec on it) that was his that he said he’d part with in my range. Is it worth going to full sus for the pedal loss I’ll get? if I do light trails it’ll really suck.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I guess one of the big questions I have is which of the Forks is best? That’s a very expensive component to upgrade. The fathom and pitch comp are out due to the fork travel. The SQ2 is supposed to be a great all around bike, however there is no dropper so thats an extra $200 on top, The Roscoe has a dropper but doesn’t seem to have as aggressive geometry, the fuze falls somewhere between the 2, and has the dropper, and 130mm travel. It has a 1×10 drivetrain and OK brakes (going off the assumption the brakes act the same as the SQ2 and fathom.) ultimately it’ll come to geometry and fork, which of these has the best combo?</p>

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    TK34 If i get one without a dropper it will absolutely be added nearly immediately. (So the SQ2 would end up around 1400 in total)

    Plusbike Nerd what makes the 29 a more fun bike?  I will check out the fuze 29 when I go to that shop for sure though.   What bike/bikes did you have in mind with a budget of +400?

    Alvin Mullen, the spec of the nukeproof seem like exactly what im looking for however i can not find an online dealer and the closest dealer to me is 2.5 hours away which is further than I was looking to travel.

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    I ride an 09 YZ250 2 stroke(more fun and challenging) I haven’t raced supercross but have ridden the local track a few times. The SQ2 does not come with a dropper, which is not a big deal.

    In terms of ancillary items I have budget for those,but the bike I have set aside 1200

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    I would love to have a shin guard that is part of a pair of riding pants. All i’m looking for from shin guards is to prevent pedal bite(had a few of those 1/4in spikes go into my shin riding bmx and never want to do that again…). Knee pads need to be flexible and stay in place preferably without any pressure points caused by straps. if it could be a slip over pad similar to a soft knee brace, except instead of slipping over it had velcro along the entire side. Ideally doing so while dispersing the energy of a fall around the knee as they are supposed to.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)