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    You might consider buying the Sunrace 11-42 cassette, Goatlink, and 30t narrow-wide chainring. I like this setup better than the 2x my bike came with. I also like tubeless better than tubes. I like the lower pressures.

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    I agree with the need for a quick-draw pepper spray system. The “concentrated and powerful stream” Jeff mentioned is a pepper gel, which is better than spray because it doesn’t blow back.

    in reply to: Are Bike Parks Real Mountain Biking? #178588

    I’ve never ridden at a bike park. I roll out my back door and head for the mountains behind my house. We have no dirt trails, berms, and man-made jumps where I ride. We have fire roads and tight, twisty old school singletrack, with lots of logs, rocks (rocks, rocks, and more rocks), natural jumps and drops, lots of gnarly loose descents, and lots and lots of very slippery leaves on the trails right now. Bike parks look like fun, and are certainly in the mountain biking sphere of fun, even if some purists don’t think so. I hope to ride at a bike park sometime! 🙂

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    I enjoy the connection with nature too. I ride in southern PA and I see deer, turkey, hawks, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, fox, and bear.

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    I bought a 2015 Giant Anthem SX for $3,000 this past January. I ride it in the mountains of southern PA — on fire roads, doubletrack, and old school technical singletrack — many times per week and the bike’s performed really well. I think it’s been worth every penny.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)