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    Yeah, the 2013 Kona bikes are bringing it. I’m aiming to pick up a Process in the next year to replace my ’08 Dawg.

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    The pro that won last year’s Highland OverMountain Enduro was riding a Satori. That’s saying something.

    I’ve always found Kona geo to be spot on for my style of riding. Tough, durable bikes.

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    IMO, this is the order of "Do-it-all" capability from what has been recommended.

    GT (most AM)
    Spec SJ FSR (I’d opt for the EVO model myself)
    Giant Trance (most XCish)

    I recommend a Head Tube Angle of between 67-68 degrees for a bike that can climb efficiently, but then rail the descents whether its butter or chunder.

    Some other options out there:
    Banshee Spitfire
    Trek Slash
    Kona Process/Tanuki/Kitsune (In order of most to least gravity oriented-ness)
    Giant Reign 1 (not the X/SX model)

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    There is a ton of riding up in the Frederick MD area…there might even be a way to string rides from the Watershed in Frederick up to the Michaux State Forest in PA via the Catoctin Mtn Park north of Frederick.

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    Bumpity-bump. Mavic wheel is gone!

    Still have a the headset and the handlebars/grips…takers? Bueller?

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    TTT, fork and shoes are sold! Other items still available.

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  • in reply to: Rear XT Brake Issue #110926

    Also check the tightness on the caliper to frame.

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    I almost felt bad for y’all down in the Mid-Atlantic as I swung my legs over my bike the past week, enjoying 35% humidity, bluebird skies, a nice breeze, and 75 degree weather. Then, I hit the singletrack and forgot all about it.

    Sorry to hear about all the damage and ugly weather. Glad to hear things are shaping up and the nasty weather has broken.

    Hazy, hot, and humid summers are one of the main reasons I left down there for VT. I rode at Patapsco on Memorial Day (and Emmitsburg, and Hashawha) while visiting the in-laws. Each day was a sweat-fest, phew!

  • in reply to: Rear XT Brake Issue #110924

    Sounds like a sticking caliper. I had a similar issue with my Hayes Stroker Trails. The only solution was to bleed the brakes. If a bleed doesn’t cure it, then it’s possible that the caliper may need to be disassembled, cleaned, and have new seals installed.

  • in reply to: The Stan’s tubeless kit nightmare #108481

    Do you have access to an air compressor? Even a cigarette lighter powered one will make your life easier. Even with the valve core removed I had a hard time with a floor pump on some sets of tires (WTB Mutanoraptor 2.4’s), but the compressor made it a snap. Once you get the techniques down, it’s a breeze…I can do a wheelset from start to finish in under 30 minutes now. Maxxis Ardent 2.4’s were a snap to get seated, so certain tires are definitely easier than others.

  • in reply to: Muscle recovery #106758

    Lowfat chocolate milk.

    Or beer.

    That’s what I use. Works every time.

  • in reply to: Help, need a weekend ride #108704

    If you are looking fro a fun weekend getaway, I would check out Kingdom Trails in Burke, VT.


    Definitely worth the drive, it’s probably the biggest bike destination in the Northeast. With something for everyone, and lots and lots of miles of riding.

    You can camp, stay at a B&B, or some of my co-workers recommended this place:


    It’s affordable and looks pretty cool. Access to the trails directly.

  • in reply to: Trails in VT open to MTBs #104704

    Yeah, it’s been changing here in VT over the past decade. MTB advocacy groups are paying it forward with a lot of trail maintenance and building, but opening access to everyone. In turn, more hikers/equestrians are coming around to accommodate MTB’rs on existing trails that may have been closed in the past. Obviously, not all trails (as some aren’t great for riding.) but multi-access is the new byword.

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  • in reply to: Where is the best place to ride??? #95511

    Where is the best place to ride?


    Wherever I’m riding.

    I’m pretty partial to riding around here in VT. The Burlington area has tons to offer, whatever style you like. It can be wet, but a lot of the newer trails stand up to use in the wet, so it’s no showstopper, just means you have to be good at riding rocks, roots, and structures that are slippery. Adds an element of excitement.

    Burlington ranks among the healthiest (#1, CDC), safest (#10, Farmer’s Insurance Survey), outdoor recreation (Top 10, Outside Mag) and greenest/organic cities (#1, Sperling BestPlaces) in the country.

    I definitely feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful state. it may not match the sheer grandeur of some places out West, but we have beautiful scenery, big vertical, good snow, low crowds (for the East) and great riding.

    The #1 reason? Maple Syrup. Nectar of the gods.

  • in reply to: I took my first ride with them !!! #105379
    "cubanchurchill" wrote

    Well guys,
    My bike handling was a lot better just on my first ride with them. I can’t wait til 6 months from now. There is around a 2 foot drop off on a down hill at one section and around a 3 foot at another. When ever I ride with platforms and hit those jumps my feet would come all the way off the pedals. Today that didn’t happen.

    Sounds like a technique thing, if your body positioning is correct for drops and jumps, your feet shouldn’t be coming off the platforms.

    "cubanchurchill" wrote

    Climbing hills was awesome due to the fact on tight switchbacks then uphill climbs- my pedal / actual pedal range was increased so greatly that areas where I might have or came close to stalling out- I was able to easily push & pull right through.Other climbs I just seemed to breeze right up instead of feeling like I muscled my way up and had to recover at the top of a climb. I could really feel a difference on hill climbs.

    Clipless definitely makes for less effort on the climbs. Less fatigue and smoother power delivery.

    "cubanchurchill" wrote

    Another area I really noticed a big difference in was the gear I was able to hit the techincal stuff with. Before with platforms when coming into tight,twisty,rooty,and slight uphills I always dropped down into a lower gear so I could power out quickly and then change to a higher gear when speed and momentum dictated it.

    This is also a technique thing, I think. I personally tend to stay in a HIGHER gear on platforms to keep weight and pressure on the pedals and drivetrain to navigate techie terrain. I find that my balance and handling are far better under load (trials riding techniques helped with this immensely).

    I go back and forth between platforms and clipless on my AM FS bike, depending on my mood. I have found that riding both types greatly increases your skill level. Many of my riding buddies have commented that I seem even faster on some of our XC rides and AM rides on my platforms. It forces you to re-examine your techniques and develop different muscles and strategies. My bunny-hopping got really sloppy and lazy after a few years of clipless riding, no proper weight transfers happening. Now I can hop properly again on either pedal type.

    My advice: Switch back and forth between the two throughout the season, every few weeks. I bet by the end of the season you will be riding better than if you stuck with one pedal type.

    Glad the clipless adventure worked well for you though! It can be intimidating for a lot of people.

  • in reply to: What kind of bike(s) are you currently riding off-road? #105229

    Main ride: Scandium Kona Dawg 1×9 in AM spec

    Occasional use: Specialized BigHit Comp, and Kona Shred DJ bike.

  • in reply to: FS: Progressive 5th Element Coil – $45/shipped #93713

    Yep, still have it…sitting on my desk here at work. Send me a PM if you are still interested and we can talk further.

  • in reply to: upgrading components on a Jamis XC #104814

    Lighten the fork and wheels. That’s where the weight will make the most difference. A light headset versus a heavy headset is minimal. Tires,too.

    To make it a little more wheelie-friendly, I recommend the following:
    Shorten the stem (If it has say a 90mm stem, try a 65-70mm stem)
    Go for a wide riser bar (say ~1.5" rise, 700mm width)
    Add spacers under the stem to raise the front end slightly if your steerer tube is long enough (if you replace the fork, I always leave the steerer tube pretty long to fine tune my stack height).

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