Zed’s Dead baby….

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      New the forum, but thought I would share a build I just completed this winter.

      Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead….
      Purchased this bike back in 02 and rode the tires off of it. It was originally a K2 Zed 3.0. I had made some minor upgrades over the years…. ditched the Rock Shock Jett for a Psylo Race, then changed the drive train two years ago from a mixture of Truvativ w/ Shimano Acer and Deore derailleurs to an all Shimano Deore Smoke drivetrain with the hollow crank.
      Given my riding style w/ a mixture of cross country, single track and greenways/parks with the wife, investing the coin in a nice full suspension didn’t seem necessary. I looked at newer hardtails with 29rs and such, but even investing 800 to a 1000 dollars in a new bike I wasn’t going to make any great leaps component wise.

      So I decided to take that 800 dollars and give Zed new life. Here is what I did…
      • Stripped the paint down to the bare aluminum. I know a guy who powder coats, cost me a 6 pack of Budweiser.
      • Next replaced all the original stem, seat post and handle bar with matching Truvativ Husselfet hardware. It is beefy… I like beefy.
      • Traded in the old K2 saddle for a WTB Speed.
      • Ditched the rims, rim brakes and hubs… replaced them with WTB I23 Frequency tubeless rims, XT hubs, Avid BB7 w/ HS1 160mm disc brakes and Kenda Small Block 8 tubeless tires 2.1.
      • Stayed with the Shimano Deore Smoke drive train 3×8 (24 speed), old habits die hard.
      • Replaced all the old cabling with Jagwire Mountain Pro derailleur and brake kits.
      • Yanked off the old WTB wheel bearing headset and replaced with FSA Orbit sealed bearing headset.
      • Put the old Psylo Race to pasture and replaced it with a Reba RTL I got a good deal on. Only had 5 rides on it.

      Been out 3 times on the new Zed and I like it. Like it a lot.

      Before… This is what it looked like new…. Pretty spot on, just wear and tear.


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      You put a lot of work into that! Looks nice, glad you enjoyed the ride. And hey, the powder coating for a 6 pack of cheap beer, can’t beat it!

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      Looks great. I like the powder coat.

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      You did a nice job on the K2! I like it.

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      Appreciate the nice comments. It was a lot of work. But it has been well worth it. Plus it was a lot fun.

      Did this about 2 weeks ago.


      Scrambled to find a new hanger… found one at a local bike shop. Got lucky. Looked at two others without any success. The Derailleur cage was all bent out of shape as you can see. bent it back into shape. It shifts…. can’t get 2 and 5 on the rear cog to line up right. May need to take it to a bike shop and see if they can’t get it to shift smoothly. But they charge 60 bucks for tune-ups around here. May just buy an XT rear with the short pulley section.

      I have a feeling this is what started the whole mess… not sure how this happened.


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      Wow, that’s quite the transformation. Very nice!

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