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      I’m looking at ordering a new yt jeffsey al one and was wondering if anyone had anything to say about it, because of the lack of information/reviews of it online. I’m also abit sceptical on the E thirteen dropper post that’s on it. I’m open to suggestions on bikes similar to this one.



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      You won’t find a better spec’d bike than the Jeffsy AL 1 at that price. The E13 post is bang on and highly regarded. In fact I wouldn’t change anything on that spec until you wear it out.

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      I looked at it, specs look great, good price, and I have seen a couple of good reviews. I would love to demo one, but YT did not attend either of the big mountain bike festivals near me. I demoed Giant Reign, and Trance, Salsa Redpoint, and Santa Cruze Bronson. I liked the trance best, but all were great bikes. The Jeffsy Al One looks to be in the same class.


      here is pink bike’s review.¬†

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