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      Question.  What is your definition of an “ultimate epic adventure” ride or trip?  So I’m not just talking “epic” or just “adventure”, but ultimate epic adventure.

      Here is my first shot at a definition — “Final destination unknown; arrival uncertain; and even if you didn’t make it, it would still be awesome.”  So what’s your definition?  And do you have any awesome adventures planned for this year — even if they may not be an ultimate epic adventure?  As long as they are awesome for you and in your thinking, let’s hear about them.

      Now here’s the back drop to my question if you want the rest of the story.  Yesterday here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia at the “heat” of the day, it was -10F with 30-40 MPH winds and -40F (-40C) wind chills.  As I was walking through the city — and with riding only a distant possibility — I was dreaming of the awesome days ahead this year, exploring the mountains of Mongolia on my mtb.  Then the thought arose, “What is my definition of the “Ultimate Epic Adventure” ride or trip?  Of course some of us may never get to do such a thing … but hey, when -40F is blasting you in the face at the heat of the day, that really doesn’t matter, does it. =)

      And again, let’s hear about any adventures you have planned for this year.  I need something to get me through this next month of no riding. =)   Stay warm and RIDE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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      Yesterday here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia at the “heat” of the day, it was -10F with 30-40 MPH winds and -40F (-40C) wind chills.

      mongwolf: you mean to tell me you were put off by some chilly weather??  You know what they say, once you get moving the body will warm up so just be sure to dress in layers……………..  But seriously, that’s crazy cold!

      As for a truly epic (ultimate?) mtb adventure I’d love to do a tour through Europe riding some of that sweet singletrack in the Dolomites & Swiss Alps or travel through New Zealand while enjoying the local culture and festivities.  Right now, just a pipe dream as I’ve got nothing planned this year but it’s on the bucket list… which seems to just keep getting longer :/

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      rmap, I’ve been to New Zealand.  It’s all good there in every way.  I didn’t do too much riding because it was a 30 anniversary trip for my wife and me.  But I still got in a couple of good rides.

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      rmap, the worst temps I’ve been in in Mongolia was -55F with wind chills of -78F.  In terms of riding I pretty much defeated by the weather by mid-November and don’t start up again in earnest until early March.  And then you still have to pick your days.  I get out and hike/snowshoe and stuff in the winter, but not bike.  I’m half afraid parts/components are going to start snapping off due to the cold.

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      To me an adventure ride is just going out on my bike and exploring, riding aimlessly and finding new trails. Some of the best rides I’ve had were unplanned, spur-of-the-moment rides, chasing daylight with no goal other than to ride and have fun. Plans can be useful but if they’re too rigid then they probably won’t work out, making what could have been a great ride a frustrating “failure.”

      I only started riding in early 2014 after moving to a house near a local park with some good trails. Some of my best memories of riding were those early day of exploring on my bike in winter; completely isolated, going wherever I felt like on my trek 3500 (hybrid, semi-slick tires, two sizes too small.) Now I’m trying to care less about where I’m going and whether I stuck to the plan, and instead focusing on maximizing my fun. This summer I hope to get up to the Pisgah area and just explore the trails in the area.

      I also love hiking, and on some of the best camping and hiking trips I’ve been on with my Dad we just made it up as we went along.


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      Urimate bike Epic Adventure is any ride that starts from the driveway of my house.   It saves on travel time which gives me more time on the bike.   I also agree that going freestyle and making up the route as I go makes the experience more epic.

      And it’s nice to have the creature comforts at home before and after the ride.

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      Rajfly, what trails do you have around your home?  Yes, very cool to be able to rolled out of your garage and onto the trails.

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        We have some trails in the neighborhood that connect to a thread trail system.  I can do an 11 mile ride out the door that only includes about .5 miles of hardtop and we have a make shift trail built along the side of it

        Then throw in a few fire roads here or there and we can get some good mileage

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      Have you heard of Ultra Romance?

      The life this guy leads is, to me, the definition of the ultimate epic adventure… the adventure without end. Riding for over half the year, every year, sleeping where you end up, no clear destination in site. IMO, it’s impossible to have an “ultimate epic adventure” in a 3-day weekend or even a week’s vacation.

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      Dang Greg, I’m not sure what to think of that dude.  Crazy for sure.  I think his example is beyond my question.  He is an example of the ultimate epic adventure life.  My question was the ultimate epic adventure ride or trip.  That dude needs to come to Mongolia and ride the backcountry mountains for a few months.  The great thing about Mongolia in the backcountry mountains is that you can always find water.  Even though it is an arid ecosystem there are springs and creeks everywhere.   So rarely are your adventures limited by water.  Also, you can often find a local herdsman and get fresh yogurt, milk and meat, etc.  And if you know how to fish, in many areas you can catch plenty of fish to live on.  So there are ways to survive for extended periods of time without the resources of civilization.  But don’t expect anyone to come looking for you in helicopter in you get seriously hurt.  If you make a critical mistake out there, then you better think about getting right with the Creator if you haven’t already. =)

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        Cool topic!  I am hoping to spend about a school year chasing the good weather around the US and Canada riding epic trails, and taking epic hikes with my wife and dogs.   Planning on doing it in a Sprinter van or something similar.  Our youngest will be off to college in a few more years.

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      I haven’t yet had my Ultimate Epic Adventure. I should point out that to qualify as a UEA in my book, it must involve at least four of the following: Ancient civilization (worth two spots if civilization is submerged), extraterrestrial interaction, highway robbers, forced voyage on tramp ship, bush plane, crashed WWII bomber, tornado.

      However I plan on getting out this Summer and seeing what I can find in Nebraska. (Was trying for Ecuador but the dart didn’t cooperate.)



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      I am not sure if I can define an ultimate epic adventure.  Kind of like the Hobbit for me epic adventures have always happened unexpectedly. I have made some  backpacking and road trips that I thought would be epic but in the end weren’t so much. On the other hand, I have had some short adventures away from home that I thought would be just an ordinary day outside riding my bike or hiking but have ended up feeling epic because of what I put myself through and/or experienced along the way.

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      IMO, top response thus far is by Ivan @craZivn.  Waaaaay funny, but definitely some things to consider or may have happened to some of us on an adventure.

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