Youngers Creek trail damage and ongoing logging

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      Youngers Creek Trail System is cut down to roughly 4-5 miles of trail from an estimated 14+ miles of singletrack.

      An ongoing logging operation is in the process of harvesting timber off of the 1500 acres between the Bluegrass Parkway and the Pearl Hollow Landfill. Mike Borger and I walked the area for a couple hours Wednesday to determine what would be left after the logging operation and possible outcomes. What we found wasn’t promising. Most all of the trails east of the "Wagon Trail" could not be followed due to extensive tree debris and ruts caused by logging equipment. A few trails close to "Wagon Trail" were intact this afternoon but the orange marks on the trees around them indicated that they would see a similar fate soon. To add insult to injury the ATV damage has spread to include the "Danger Drop."

      Here are some images we took:…2966672&type=1

      We are in touch with a representative of Hardin County. We are requesting clarification of the areas to be logged (is the area west of "Wagon Trail" safe?). We are also asking for alternatives and what support can be expected in the future. How is the Federal RTP grant received in 2006 affected? What, if any, cleanup can be expected from the logging company? I will post back here and will brief the situation at the KyMBA Louisville meeting tomorrow night and the Central Kentucky Wheelmen meeting next Tuesday evening.

      Please post questions, concerns or comments here, on the Linkin Trails FB page or via email: [email protected]

      KyMBA Louisville

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