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      It finally stopped raining long enough for me and my wife to get out in the woods for a little while today. It was mid-afternoon and there were four other vehicles unloading bikes when we arrived at the trailhead.
      As I put on my gloves and helmet, I was checking out the other bikes and looking to see who might be checking out my super sweet ride. No one was, so we jumped in the saddle and took off for some fun and adventure.
      It didn’t take long for our green to start showing. We headed up the worst possible trail right away. With a name like Hard Times you would think a couple of smart cookies like us would have figured that out.
      Well, after about a mile and a half uphill (most spent pushing our bikes) we reached the Owl Ridge trail, which leads back to the trailhead while Hard Times turns away into the Bent Creek system.
      This started out with an almost too exciting downhill. The turns weren’t that hairy but the surface was really rough. I probably need to loosen up my fork a little.
      Once we got through that first part, the rest was okay. there were some short climbs, but there were fairly long flats to help us get a little momentum cranked up. Pretty soon we were cruising on some fairly smooth, wide mixed use trails where the most technical thing was dodging people walking their dogs.
      By the time we got back to the car I was already thinking about my next ride, which will most likely be tomorrow. My wife, who was displaying a certain lack of enthusiasm about the time we reached the top of Hard Times, was smiling through the mud and finishing strong. What a great time.

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      Sorry for the poor choice of terms. Yes adjust my shock would be more like what I want to do. Just a little more green showing. I hear that stuff washes off with mud and sweat… I’ll be sure to post this evening about today’s ride.

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      Man the enthusiam for MTBing is dripping all over your post. Stick with the climbs they get easier over time. They will still hurt some but its a good hurt. Glad you had a good ride and the wife didn’t strangle you. I can’t get my girlfriend off the greenway any more, but thats what she likes. The last few singletrack rides with me she didn’t enjoy so we mostly ride seperate these days. You have some pretty big hills down your way so figure if you can ride that you can ride pretty much anything. Enjoy and keep us posted on your progression. 😆

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      I went back today to scout a more suitable trail.This one has about a half mile of slow climb in the middle (It’s about 3 miles) but I can haul my fat butt up it without going into low gear, so I think it will work. It’s not all that exciting and not technical at all, just a good spot to do a little work. I do think there might be a way to get a fast ride down. I’m going back again tomorrow morning to see. Yeeeeeeah!

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