Yeti working on new XC bike?

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      I saw a press release from Yeti last week announcing that Geoff Kabush just signed with the brand. Geoff is known for a lot of things, but I found it interesting that Yeti chose to lead with a mention of his XC prowess.

      Yeti Cycles recently signed accomplished XC athlete and all-around rider, Geoff Kabush to the race roster for 2018.

      Currently the most “XC” bike Yeti has in their lineup is the SB4.5, which they classify as a Trail / Cross-country bike. Could we see Yeti introduce a more racy, XC bike in the future? Not that there’s anything wrong with racing XC on the SB4.5. XC race courses have certainly become more technical over the past couple years, so maybe we’ll see Geoff sticking to the SB4.5 and helping raise that bike’s profile a bit.

      Yeti is generally known as an enduro / all-mountain brand so either way, it’s interesting to see them signing a big name XC athlete like Geoff…

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