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      Curious if anybody has tried this?  If so, what rim width and tire combos work?  I’m running a 1x drivedrain.  Cheers!

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      I run Chinese carbon 29er rims on my SB95….40-45mm rim width, forget the exact.  I have a 1X drive as well and a Large frameset.

      I’ve had tires from 2.2 to 2.4 on it.  I tend to keep a 2.2 Kenda Honey Badger Pro on the rear most of the time (it just works for me).  The wide rim adds nice air volume to it.  I run it tubeless at 22# almost always.  I also weigh 210ish loaded.  I’ve never had to push it past 28#, but I don’t typically hit large drops.  I hook up on almost everything in north GA.  Even wet clay climbs which sends many folks’ rear wheels spinning.

      Max tire width that will fit on the rear is tough to gage, but I wouldn’t bat an eye throwing a 2.6 back there if I ever felt the impulse.

      2.8 – 3.0 as-is would probably give me pause.

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        Hmmm…  Good info!  Thanks Slee Stack!!

        I’m considering a slightly less wide rim (35 outer, 29 inner).

        It’s so hard knowing exactly how wide each tire will be with the different rim widths!  And reports that a 2.5 is as wide as a 2.8 doesn’t help the matter!


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      Figured I’d drop back in as I put new rubber on by SB95.


      I installed Nobby Nic 29er 2.6″ tires front and rear.

      Front measures exactly 2.6 mounted on my 45mm rim and has good room to spare.  I’d be OK with 2.8 up front still allowing decent room for mud/debris.

      The rear measures 2.5 on the same hoop (guess I got a tire on the low spec end).  Its just a bit tighter in the rear on clearance.  I wouldn’t go comfortably past 2.7.

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        Awesome!  Thanks for the info!  Great to have real world experience to base this off of.  Does your SB95 have the alloy or carbon rear triangle?


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        Jeff was able to squeeze some 27+ tires into his Santa Cruz Tallboy, so it may be possible to do the same with your 95. One big thing to consider though is your BB height. Swapping in the plus wheels and tires is going to drop your BB substantially. This may or may not be an issue depending on the terrain you ride.

        I tried putting plus wheels on my 29er hardtail and they fit, but I was getting so many pedal strikes it wasn’t fun to ride.

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      @Uber –  CF Rear.


      Thus far, the extra plush of the 2.6 is nice.  I *think* I’m able to keep marginally better speed in corners before sliding/washing the front.  I haven’t yet been able to eval rear traction.  There’s one trail section I know will test it out, but not sure when I’ll be back there.

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