Yeti AS-3 or Gary Fisher Level Betty

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      I have a choice between these 2 older mountain bikes. To buy I mean. They’re both from around 1999 and both have less than 350 miles on them which is pretty incredible for bikes a decade old.

      Both are in as new condition and have been sitting for years. They look almos as if they came out of a showroom last week.

      Now here’s my line of thinking. I’ve been riding an old Schwinn High Plains (Made In the USA) for decades. The Gary Fisher is $500 and the Yeti AS-3 is $600 and $600 is just about the top of my budget. Either would feel like a high end carbon bike to me since the Schwinn is the only frame of reference I’ve ever had.

      I know that both are very outdated but they’re both aluminum with full suspension with nice Shimano components. I’m thinking I won’t be able to touch a bike with these components in today’s market for $600.

      So what do you all think? Which one should I buy?

      Or do you suggest I look elsewhere? And if yes what should I be looking at? I’m a novice and there’s just too many mountain bikes out there for me to intelligently choose and the quality bikes are out of my price range.


      Ray Bayer

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      That is too much money for either bike. Leave them be. Refer to the other postings (linked above by ChilliPepper) for suggestions.

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      The yeti frames are somthing to behold and if the frame size and style is right for you,I would go with the yeti dude.The yeti frames have always been looked at as one of the premiere frame manufactures EVEN when they first started out.I myself would’nt mind paying $600 for even an older yeti.I say go for the yeti,you wont be dissipointed with it.There THAT good.
      Make sure you look the bike over and RIDE IT before you buy it,you never know where or what a bike has been through by it’s previous owners,and make sure you not going to have to dump a bunch of money into it to make it shift,brake,and pedal,but it sounds like a good deal by reading your post.

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      Thanks for the replies. I’ll be going with the Yeti.


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