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      First of all, thanks for the help you all gave me in choosing or should I say in not choosing those first two bikes.

      Well I think I’ve found the bike that I never thought I’d be able to own. It’s a 2005 Yeti 575 in super clean condition. Full suspension which I wanted but I don’t know why I wanted it.
      Frames alone sell for about $1899 at Jensen and the wheels are about $1199. Mavic Crossmax SLRs (retail $800), Fox Vanilla 125RL Front Suspension, 5th Element Rear Suspension, Hayes Carbon 9 hydraulic brakes, XTR rear, XT front, Carbon bars, Shimano SPDs and on and on…..

      The reason I’m mentioning all of this is because I paid $1200 for it and the retail was or still is over $4300.

      I think I got a killer deal.

      Thanks for the help with my first and second post.


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      Thanks ChiliPepper for all of the input. The shock issue is well noted and I’ll address it as soon as I can.


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      If your looking for a good shock try either a DHX air (beefier option) or RP23 (one of the lighter options) or Manitou ISX-6 which in my opinion would be an excellent choice as well. This one has both high and low speed compression as well as rebound and air volume (which changes the spring rate near the end of its stroke).. Anyhow sounds like a nice deal.


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      I’ll save those suggestions. Thanks.


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      My Giant Trance has an RP3, which is the older model of the RP23. It is buttery smooth and holds up well to my 200lbs of *ahem* muscle. 😃

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