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      Hello all,
      Glad to be here, I am getting back into MTBing. I grew up in San Diego heavily racing BMX and MotoX. I moved to Colorado when I was 21 and did some MTB for a few years and really was loving it. Life got in the way and accomplished a few goals in my life that I wanted. But in the mean time I would ride my MTB on lunch breaks and after work. Someone loved my bike more than I did and broke into my office at work and stole my beloved bike. I had not done much after that, had a few MTB’s after that but nothing I would take seriously, mostly so I could ride with my kids on easy rides.
      In the last 10 years I took up road biking and in the last several years have challenged myself to ride centuries. I have done 10 in the last 3 years. I also work out 5-6 days a week to keep in shape.
      I finally decided that it was time to get back to my true love and that is dirt,rocks, roots and trees. In the last couple of months I picked up my Yeti ASR C. I have been on a couple of short rides and just did a long ride since the weather allowed it here in Colorado. My plan is that I want to compete in some of the enduro races in the Big Mountain Enduro races this summer so I am getting the training going again.

      Hope to see some of you on the trails and maybe at the races.
      Ride hard or go home.

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      Welcome! I road ride also. Great for the fitness! Mountain biking is much more fun though… 😄

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      Sweet Yeti, by the way, just checked out the picture on the other thread. I’ve always like them…

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      "gar29" wrote

      Sweet Yeti, by the way, just checked out the picture on the other thread. I’ve always like them…

      Thank you, always have been a dream bike of mine to have a Yeti. Able to finaly afford one. Living the dream…Living the dream.

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      Welcome! This is a great site. I am 56 and I just started riding 2 mos ago. Am also getting a road bike. Probably next week. I Love riding in the woods but there is also something to be said for 35-40 on one of those skinny bikes! Can be rather exciting!

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      Running a high speed pace line on a road bike is also an amazing experience.
      Glad you’re getting back into MTB. Hard to resist the call of the single track…especially in Colorado.

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