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      Any opinions on Yakima Hold Up rack vs. Thule Classic T2 rack? I have the opportunity to purchase either for the same price.

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      I’m not a huge fan of either. However, I have had the classic T2 and I would very much not recommend this if you plan on using it in wet/snowy/salty conditions. I had one. First the plastic bits rotted from sun exposure. Straps broke. Then, over time, water, road grime, and leftover road salt got inside and rusted everything pretty much solid. My friend’s Yakima is slowly succumbing to the same problems, so I’m not sure it’ll solve all your problems to go that route. On the other hand, his is the same age and it’s actually still in use on his car. Also, his folds up a lot smaller. If you plan on using a tailgate rack for the long-haul (many years), I would recommend something with better quality construction and parts. There are several options out there for a couple hundred more bucks (I know, that’s not lunch money, but my bike is my “precious”). I use a 1up which┬áis a solid bombproof hunk of aluminum. There are other options with more metal than the plastic-laden T2.

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      I have had the original version of the T2 for over 10 years and it’s still solid as a rock. It’s done 100K + miles on 3 separate trucks and since I live in SoCal, not stays outside exposed to the elements 300+ days per year. Every single one of my friends that owns a 4 bike rack and the same rack.

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        Thanks for the replies.

        I ended going a completely different route with the Kuat nv2.0 with 2+ adapter.

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      I have the Yakima Hold Up, on my Mazda 3. I like it, had it for over 3 years. There is some rust forming and the arms seems to be getting a little loose, but they have a solid online manually for how to tighten up the arms. I’m sure it’s normal after driving on logging roads and not giving it much maintenance over three years. It’s convenient, as you can still access the trunk with bikes loaded and you can easily load/unload bikes in seconds.

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