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      At Interbike Jim and I met with Yakima and we were surprised to learn the company is changing their iconic round bar system in favor of a teardrop shaped bar. It’ll be a gradual transition but eventually they’ll stop making round bars and accessories in favor of accessories that offer a universal fit. They’ve actually been making accessories with the universal clamp for a few years now to fit factory bars, and in my experience the universal clamps work pretty well.

      Aside from simplifying the line, the new teardrop bars are quieter and are more aerodynamic too.

      Any Yakima roof rack owners going to miss the old round bars?

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      So is this the same shape as a factory cross bar, or is it slightly different? Seems like it’d make sense to adopt the factor cross bar standard…


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      There isn’t a standard for factory cross bars so yeah, it’s slightly (or in some cases, very) different. For example, the bars on my Subaru are much thinner than these but the universal mount still works.

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      I personally like the looks of the tear drop shaped bars.  I won’t mind the change.

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      Yeah, the new bars look good and man, the old ones were loud! The new ones are said to be whisper quiet.

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