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      So on a ride today I was in my granny gear. I went to shift up and the shifter was clicking but it wasn’t shifting. I tried shifting back to granny to get shifter back where it should be. I then tried shifting up again and it worked. This happened on and off the rest of my bike ride and was quite frustrating.

      For quick reference I run a 1×10 setup with a One Up 40t ring in rear. XT rear derailleur and shifter.

      I’m gonna try adjusting a bit tomorrow and check the cable. Just figured I’d post up and see if anyone has experienced this or has a quick fix suggestion for me.


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      In order, check the shifter indexing knob, then the wear on the chain and cassette, then the hanger alignment (there is a tool for it or you LBS can do it).

      My money is on worn out cassette.

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      Played with the B screw as it was stuck on the lowers and rubbing. Did a ride and things were a little better. Today I rode again, with the same issues. I put the bike on the stand and couldn’t figure it out. Finally I checked the bolts to see if anything was loose. The bolt holding the derailleur to the hanger was pretty loose. Glad it didn’t fall off. I put some loctite on it and re torqued it. The shifting is all back to normal now. Never had this happen but will remember it for the first time. I am waiting til after xmas and before my race season. My chain, cassette and chain rings have about 850 miles on them and are ready to be replaced. I have a one up 40t ring but am trying to justify if I truly want to replace it.

      Thanks for the help!!

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      Good catch. A bent hanger would give exactly the same issue as the loose mounting bolt.

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