XT Brakes upgrade and using another brand Rotor

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      I decided I’m going to upgrade my brakes to Shimano XT’s on my 2013 Stumpjumper HT. I currently have Magura MT4s and Magura Mount adaptors. The questions Is, do I need Shimano adaptors or can I currently Use my Magura adaptors. Also Can I continue to use my Magura rotors until I have the funds to get the XT Ice rotors.

      Any Info would help


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      You should be fine…The older version of Avid brakes that use CPS hardward won’t work…Just double check the distance of the caliper to rotors edge. A minimum clearance of 1.5mm is good…Also I have noticed with some brakes that if you use a washer between the caliper and adapter, it sometimes brings things in better alignment.

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      You are going to love the XTs! I’ve been running them for a while now and try are awesome brakes, they will be a huge upgrade for you! I’m not sure about compatibility with the Magura rotors, but I bet they will work. You may need an adaptor depending on the rotor diameter, but that’s a cheap and easy fix. I say go for it! 😃

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