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      So, I have a 2019 xCaliber-7… stock Bontrager XR2’s and stock Bontrager Connection rims (622 x 20mm).

      The tires currently have tubes… Is it possible to convert to tubeless on my stock wheel and tire? I added a photo for reference.

      Or am i going to have to purchase a new tire thats labeled “TLR?”




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      Those are Trek’s ‘entry-level’ tires. And no, they’re not tubeless compatible. Good news, your wheels will take up to 29×2.4.

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      Definitely go tubless, you will love it.

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      If you want to keep your non-tubeless tires but get the flat protection of a tubeless set-up, do this.  Get some tubes with removable valve cores.  (Your tubes might already have removable valve cores?) Remove the valve cores, inject the tubes with 2 oz (60 ml) of sealant, re-install the valve cores, and reinflate.  True tubeless would be better but at least you will get fewer flats.

      I agree with Ziphead.  Replace your current tires with more aggressive 2.4 tubeless tires at lower pressures and you could significantly improve your ride.  I like the Bontrager XR4, Maxxis Rekon, Ardent, and Minion tires in 2.4.  You can get some great deals at ChainReactionCycles.com.


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      A quick explanation on why you can’t convert with those tires… Actually you could convert to tubeless but it is not smart aka safe. Your rims are good to go now issue as long as you add rim tape and the proper valve. If you go to Park Wheel website you will see about any tire can be tubeless. It may take more sealant to get the tire coated inside to keep air from seeping out but eventually it would do. The issue is that the tire’s side wall is not enough to hold up under the rigors of trail riding. You want a beefer tire to hold and be safe. As Bike Nerd said you can get some of the flat protection of tubeless by adding sealant in tube if the valves can be removed. I had the same question and issues after getting into mountain biking and seemly every other ride I was dealing with a flat. I would suggest adding sealant to tube riding the tires until you need new tires and then get the proper tires and convert. I wondered if it was worth the hassle until I converted. Tire pressure lower great and all that but I haven’t dealt with a flat from thorns since I converted and that was costing me a lot of rides. Enjoy your bike. Nice ride. And 2.4″ tires would be a lot of fun.

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      I have the same bike. Beware that the rim’s are not tubeless ready. You will have to do a hack job. And tape rim but beware the if you look closely at rim you can see where the ends meet. Air will leak out from these area when pumping up. For me due to the frustration of buying the bike to be told tubeless ready and find out a year later it wasnt,then tried to convert to tubeless only to be foiled by the wholes. Note that when you put in sealant it will seal those holes. But the rim isn’t made for it.

      In processes of buying new rim’s now.


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