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      I’m looking to replace the junk tires that came on my Tassajaro. Based on reviews and comments here, along with the fact that a riding buddy has them and says they are awesome, I’m pretty much settled on them at this point. My question is about the different levels.

      I see a Comp, a Folding Comp, and Race level on the WTB website. I guess you get what you pay for, but is the Comp still a good tire? It looks like the main difference is the weight and the bead (steel vs. cable). Should I at least go Folding Comp?

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      Kevlar (folding) bead vs. steel (wire) bead. (20g of weight per tire in steel vs. kevlar) I find the kevlars easier to seat on a rim but if I found the wire bead for cheap I probably wouldn’t hesitate. At one point about a year ago I bought those for $14 a tire.

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      Got the VelociRaptors a while back and finally got them on. Been on a couple of rides and so far so good!

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