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      Hello to all the woman riders, My girlfriend wants to get into biking, we have bee looking at bikes and she is leaning toward the WSD Trek 3700. Does anyone own one of these or can give her advice to getting a bike abrouthe the 300 to 450 dollar price range. Thanks for any help.

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      Hi elroca,

      I am always glad to hear about more women getting into mountain biking! I used to ride a Trek WSD 8000 and it was a great, lightweight women’s bike for sure. But you should know, if your girlfriend is taller than 5’4" – 5’5" then she might not get any of the benefits of a women’s specific geometry and you can open the door to many more mountain bike options.

      I spent about $400 on my first mountain bike, a steel-frame hardtail Jamis… that was before there were many women’s specific options. I upgraded components and stuff once I became addicted to riding. So, if you think there’s a chance she’ll be riding for a while, invest in a good frame and decent components.

      I just checked out the Trek 3700 on the web and honestly, I’ve never seen such a low sloping down tube on a mountain bike. I can’t imagine that handles well and seems more suited for road/path riding. What kind of trails do you think she’ll be riding?

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      WEll we going to be riding around trial and the street, not too much hardcore trails.

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      Then if she is not really on the short side (like me), then you can look for bikes that are not women’s specific so you have more options to choose from. Maybe consider the same kind of bike that you ride since you know how it handles for you…

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