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      The Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC) has managed to get a House bill introduced in support of allowing wilderness area managers to allow bicycle access where it’s prudent. Now, we need to write to our legislators to let them know we’re in support of the bill!

      This page has all the info you need to craft a letter and send it to the right person:


      This is the actual House Bill as it’s written:


      There was a Senate Bill introduced last year but it didn’t get very far. STC is hoping to try again this year…

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      So I know it’s not cool to reply to your own post, but I just wrote my letter using the STC template and, let’s just say, the template seems to be a bit deficient.

      I’m no political operative, but does anyone else think the suggested text is really weak? Like, the letter’s main argument for bikes in wilderness seems to be, “that’s how it should be” with a touch of “it’s not fair.” In my own letter I tried to explain that there is a potential economic benefit to remote communities where opportunities are limited (MTB tourism FTW!). And this potential upside comes with little to no cost–political OR capital.

      I’m sure there are plenty of other arguments for why we should pass this bill, so let’s try to brainstorm others we can use when writing to our legislators!

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