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      I have looked and looked for a good bike around the 6-1k range, Bike stores everywhere are sold out, and i refuse to pay the stupid prices people want for decent bikes on FB, offerup, craigslist, etc. I check all the time for new inventory within a 1 or so drive. I recently found this and got it for $750. This will be my second MTB ever. my first one was a 2008 GT avalanche 1.0. I had it for 10 years and it was stolen. I really wanted a trek marlin 7 or something comparable with a 1x crank. This seems to be a good bike, but wanted some more “professional” opinions.



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      If you like it, and it gets you out on the trails, then it’s an awesome bike. Pay no attention to bike snobs – just ride the hell out of that thing.

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      I am a bike snob.  Here is my favorite affordable budget Hardtail for the cash strapped beginner.

      $1250 Vitus Sentier VR 29

      This bike has a better spec than many bikes costing more than $2000.  Everything about the spec is excellent.

      -Modern progressive geometry frame with tapered headtube and thru-axle Boost hub spacing

      -Marzocchi Bomber fork made by Fox.

      -Eagle SX 1×12 drivetrain.

      -Shimano MT501  brakes

      -2.35 Schwalbe tires on i30mm rims

      Right out of the box, this bike is ready to hammer.  Even a bike snob like me would be happy riding this bike.

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      Based on your budget, what you used to ride and what you were looking for I think you hit all the points you were looking at. I tend to agree with ZipHead, if you like and it gets you on the trails then what others think doesn’t matter. Enjoy the bike. Now go ride the wheels off it.

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      Check the reviews to make sure the feedback is consistent with your needs/expectations.  There are plenty out there.  Here are a couple:



      The one thing you should do if you buy from Dicks is actually bring it to your LBS to look over.  It’s extremely likely that the person putting the bike together knows very little about bikes (it’s probably a college kid) and may not install the parts correctly or torque bolts appropriately.  PLENTY of horror stories out there where many people usually blame the bike for a fail but a number of these are likely due to poor install/set up.

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