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      I’m tryin to spread the word about this great site,the stickers help too,thanks again Chili!

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      I wanna sticker. 😎

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      I’ll have to 2nd that …..WOOOOOHOOOO 😃 😃 😃 ..way to go fla. riders…#6 too cool…

      I cannot find enough good things to say about this site…
      Been on here a only a few weeks and already made some new friends and riding partners 😎
      Rode an epic 4.5 hr ride through san felasco sunday w/Galaxy and his budddy big Tom…hit some brand new trails in the back…Sat. we hit the Rock in gville.Rain ,rocks and roots plus a zippy crew made for an awesome ride 😃 Maybe Galaxy has some pics?
      To quote Chili: I LOVE MTBing TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      south east, represent. there’re a lot of good trails down this way. i was really pleasently surprised when i moved here from montana to find that while maybe the trails weren’t as good, there are PLENTY of them to go around!

      who says quantity can’t compete with quality?

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      One more for the peninsula and the SE 😄

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      It is nice to see VA as #5. There are many many great trails in/around VA, MD, NC, SC, GA and FL. Out west is great, but living here in Va Beach, it’s nice to have good trails within an hour drive to Williamsburg, and then a bit further to Richmond, and north, south and west of there as well. Lots of organized clubs all around. Let’s get all the trails not loaded to ST, loaded up!

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      I never take enough pictures,I don’t have any of The Rock ride but here is one from San Felasco Sunday.The giant on the bridge is Tom and Ol’ LutherPalmedder was headed back across the bridge.This was definitely a great ride and we’ll have to do it again this weekend!


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      I’m only about 5 months late but WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. look out #5 Fla is comin atcha

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      Georgia beats out NC, that’s interesting. Yeah Georgia! (insert southern accent/drawl)

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      Hey chili! It has been a while since I have been to Florida. But I get to go sailing in the keys in about 2 weeks! Nothing but a relaxing week on a sail boat! Gotta love Boyscout events.

      Acctually, boyscout has taugh me a lot of life skills like first aide and cooking and personal fitness and "people skills" which I use almost everytime I go out on the trails.

      Little bit off topic… Oops…


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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      Never too late scotkrzy! 😄

      Yep, FL now ranks #5 as the most members per state bumping VA down to #6, but not by much though. I see CO bumped CA down to #2, which is no surprise to me, but still, CA is the birth place for MTB’ing.

      #1 – CO
      #2 – CA
      #3 – GA
      #4 – NC
      #5 – FL

      and #6 is VA

      Man, we got bumped by Florida 😼 Everybody knows theres no mountains in Florida. 😼
      Lots of riders in your state though and very active clubs. Congrats on moving up in the list. Maybe I need to start a membership drive. 😳

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      Yup I am life and am about to start my eagle project. I am 15 and I have 3 years to do it.


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