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      I’m looking into buying my wife a MTB but have no idea what I need to look at. Is there a difference between a men’s bike and a women’s bike? I know that Trek builds some women-specific bikes but they look like any other bike, in my opinion.


      Something like this, maybe?: http://denver.craigslist.org/bik/3501741065.html

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      I suggest you get something with front suspension, girls want to be comfortable!

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      Kona had Women Specific models in 2011. I was told you can get them at any Kona dealer for a good price. Check out the konaworld.com website and navigate to 2011′.

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      "Tragedy1965" wrote

      I know that Trek builds some women-specific bikes but they look like any other bike, in my opinion.

      Women’s bikes have a shorter top tube in relation to the seat tube.

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      Also that bike you linked is department store crap. Is she going to mountain bike for real, or will this be for riding on bike paths and such?

      Is $50 your price limit?

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      No, I just posted that link because it was the only thing I could find on CL that gave a good profile shot. For her bike, I’d say that the limit will be about $800 or so because she’s not nearly into biking as I am. She may do some beginner stuff, but nothing too extreme so it’ll primarily be for the bike paths around the house.

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      I know Specialized also does lady specific models. My experience of trading up twice to get something I love leads me to suggest spending enough the first time, but that assumes you all know what that is.

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      Hi, using my husbands account to post. He’s ridden for years and years and finally got me on a bike this summer. I started out on a men’s bike but greatly prefer a women’s specific model. The geometry is different. It puts me closer to the handlebars and has a lower stand over height. Not to mention its prettier 😀 . I also really prefer a women’s saddle, but admittedly you could easily add one to any bike you choose.

      My daughters, on the other hand happily ride appropriately sized non-women specific frames. So perhaps this is just my personal preference.

      My advice is to give her a budget and let her choose, offering your opinion/guidance, but allowing her to be the decision maker.

      I ride a specialized myka sport, an intro level (but decent) 26’er. I’m very happy with it.

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      Most women’s specific bikes (26ers at least) will seem to "fit" females better usually if they are smaller, like 5’3"-5’4" or shorter. But like brianW’s wife pointed out, everyone is different. Comfort is key though, for beginner women especially!

      A "men’s" bike can work great with some tweaks like the saddle (a must!) and often a shorter stem and cranks can make a big difference. I would let her weigh in on the decision and go to a bike a shop where they are knowledgeable enough to help her out with the right size and fit. Good luck & happy riding!

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      I knew some females who like female bikes and some others didn’t. As already said above, it’s all a personal preference

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      I was in the market for a women’s FS bike for my wife last spring, also living in the Denver area. It took some patience but I found a 2008 Specialized Myka FSR Expert on Craigslist for $600, which I felt was a smoking deal. She likes in MUCH more than the men’s Giant bike I had her on before but the full suspension and fact it weighs about 8 pounds less probably have more bearing on that opinion than the geometry. I agree with everyone else at the end of the day, comes down to personal preference. As with all bike purchases, get her out there on some options and figure out what feels right to her.


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      I love my Specialized Jett Comp 29er – I’m a tall woman and can easily find a man’s bike that fits but the woman specific bike just "feels" and rides better. The seat is more comfortable and the lower tube is great (my husband is wishing he could lower his after an unfortunate accident on the trail a couple of months ago that could have been avoided with a lower tube ;-) I am a Specialized gal and test rode both mens and womens before deciding on the Jett and I would suggest your wife do the same. I did like the Myka but decided to spend the extra money for the Jett mainly to get the fork. http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/ … comp#specs

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