Women’s MTB sizing?


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      Was hoping somebody could help me out here. I want to get my wife a MTB so she can go riding with me. I really want it to be a surprise and don’t want to deal with taking her to a shop to get fitted and have them pressure me to buy from them. I already have a place that I get great deals from as long as I know what I want.

      She is 5’11" but has a 35"-36" inseam. I am 5’10" with a 31"-32" inseam and ride a 17.5" Fisher 29er. When she stands over my bike she has plenty of clearance, way more than I do.

      I wanted to get her a women’s MTB but I am finding that most of them run on the small side or seem to be too large. For example, I was looking at a Trek Skye and the three sizes are 13" 16" and 19.5". I think a 16" would be too small and the 19.5" would be too big???? I didn’t really want to get her a men’s bike in a large frame due to the fact that without spending a ton of money the bike more than likely won’t be all that light. My Fisher is 25.5 lbs the way it sits now and seems fine for her weight wise but my F7 in a large frame was 33 lbs and seemed a bit much for her weight wise . Hope this makes sense and somebody has a little input. Thanks.

      Also I was trying to stay in the $350-$400 range.

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      "F7Cannon" wrote

      My Fisher is 25.5 lbs the way it sits now and seems fine for her weight wise but my F7 in a large frame was 33 lbs and seemed a bit much for her weight wise .

      That extra 7.5lbs didn’t come from the larger frame – the whole frame shouldn’t even weigh that much. For example, my steel 29er frame, size ‘medium’ weighs 4.9lbs and the ‘large’ weighs around 5.5lbs. So don’t worry about size vs weight, it’s all the parts on the bike that will jack the weight up.

      As for what size to get her…focus on top tube length. She needs to be able to reach the bars comfortably. Seat height has a lot of adjustment, but there’s not much room for adjustment in reach.

      I would let her sit on your Fisher, and see how the reach is. You should be able to pull up the specs for your bike and they’ll give you the top tube length. Then compare it to the women’s bikes you’re looking at, and go from there.

      Good luck!

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      Typically women have a longer inseam and shorter torso for a given height, as compared to men.

      The 19" frame range might be about right, and the 16" would be insanely small. The size can be further tweaked with a shorter stem if needed.

      When looking at WSD frame geometry, pay special attention to the tob tube length.

      By comparison, my wife is 5’8" and rides an Iron Horse with a 19" frame size.

      Also, the Specialized Myka seems to be a pretty popular chick bike.

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      Thanks for the input. I bought a brand new 2009 19" Specialized Myka Comp today for my wife. It was a little more than I wanted to spend for her first MTB but it was damn near 50% off so I ended up under budget with a much nicer bike than I thought I was going to end up with.

      I can’t wait to get her on it! I like it so much I think I will hit the trails with it before she even gets to sit on it. 😉

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