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      I’m looking for some personal experience advise on which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which ones to stay away from.


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      The only bike computer I have experience with is the Garmin Edge 500 and it is great. I have it paired with the cadence and speed sensor and it works really good . To keep the cost down I ordered it re manufactured  from Garmin and got it over half off with the same 1 year warranty. Highly recommended.

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      Till now i didint know what is that ?! But i have egoogle it and have seen some vid on youtube! Its nice stuff!

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      They are all a waste of time. If you must, just turn on Strava. Better yet, just ride your bike.

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      I had a very good experience with Bontrager 5 W and Specialized Sport.

      Specialized gives you a basic set of stats. But very sturdy and doesn’t drain battery very fast.

      Bontrager provides user with temperature,  screen light and ability to use it on two different wheel sizes.

      Id say to stay away from NiteRider with HRM monitor. It’s almost impossible to pair this thing with speed sensor and it can disconnect itself mid-ride.

      Havjt tried myself but my buddy like his Cateye. This one in addition to basic info provides you with elevation, incline and other info that is useful for adventure riders.

      Sure, you can use Strava on short day rides. But once you go on a multi day trip it’s better to have a cyclocomputer and save phone’s juice for emergency

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      Cateye Velo 7 is a nice inexpensive bike computer.  Just gives time, distance speed and average speed.  Big display and easy to install and setup.

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      I use the Wahoo Blue SC. It transmits both speed and cadence via Bluetooth or ANT+. The data is transmitted to my phone via their app. It is very user friendly and customizable. My phone is mounted to my bike with a RokForm Pro Series Bike Mount. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 Active so I’m not concerned about the dust, moisture or impact. You can transmit the data to Strava and a bunch of other apps directly from the Wahoo app or download the gps data. I also use the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor. It works well for me.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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