Winterizing your bike?


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      Hey guys, this is actually a question my friend asked me, and I had no answer, so my first thought was…. to ask the members of singletracks.

      He wants to know what he should do to turn over his bike for winter usage. His main concern was he heard that "the oils in the hubs freeze up", again I didn’t have an answer, so I just said I’d look into it for him.

      Any tips? Any good tires he should choose to ride with? He’s also riding a 29er.

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      The best thing is to re-lubricant the whole bike; colder weather is harsh on lubricants. Fresh lubricants will hold their viscosity better then the stuff you’ve been heating up and cooling down all summer. Your chain will need the most attention, lubricant it at least every other week if you’re riding a lot.

      You also want to protect your shock seals from the cold, Lizard Skins will keep the grim from building up and possibly getting into the seals. You also want to put a thin coat of rubber friendly grease around the lip of the seals to insure that the cold metal doesn’t stick to the seals.

      If you will be riding in snow, wider tires are a must; a wide tire with wide spaced knobs will shed the snow or even mud giving you better traction. And you will need to run a higher pressure then in the summer due to the fact that cold air is denser then warm air.

      Lights are a good idea also. It gets darker much quicker in the winter and it sucks getting stuck a couple miles away from the end of the trail and not being able to see the trail.

      The biggest thing is protective gear; Keep warm and remember hitting your head on frozen dirt can be as bad as bouncing your head off of concrete.

      Enjoy the winter!

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