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      So it’s fall and I will watch in sadness as my favorite trails turn to mush.  They will soon be snowed in until spring.  I geared up for winter last year and it was fun but not the same.  I’ve got some Southwest points ready to blow in search of dry dirt this winter.

      Any suggestions for a good winter destination that can be ridden all year?

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      Moab, Western Slope (CO) are some nice spots to checkout.

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      Heah I had the same questio .  I’m coming in from Italy for a couple of month and was wondering where to go biking towards the end of november. Or is it too late? Want to do a 10 day road trip to a couple of place.  Moab would be one place I’ve been wanting to do. Could I spend 10 days in moab moving around a bit? I like my technical decents not too big in cross country routes.  Any help would be great .

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        Hard to say, I rode up till Christmas the last 2 years in GJ.

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        Garducio – temperature in Moab late November is borderline, depending on what you like. Average highs are high 40’s F (high single digit C). But temps could be in the 50’s or 30’s F too. Precipitation is usually minimal, but you never know. If you do go, you should definitely look into the trails around Fruita and Grand Junction, Colorado. Both have quality trails and less than 2 hour drive. If you’re willing to go farther, look into Hurricane, Utah. About 5 hour drive. Good luck!

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      I would mention Sedona in Arizona. I have been there once .Great place.

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      Coming from the Upper Midwest, my go-to Winter destination is Arizona. I schedule the flight for Phoenix, and then preference is to drive to Sedona. But sometimes the weather in Sedona isn’t great, I’ll head south to Tucson. Trails in Tucson aren’t quite as good as Sedona, but still solid when the weather in Sedona doesn’t behave.

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