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      I’m traveling cross country for a bit and hoping to ride a non-fatbike but I’m having some trouble figuring out which areas I would be able to ride in November where risk of snow would be low.  My final destination is Moab, but are there places in CO or elsewhere in UT that might be good for a day or two of riding in mid November?

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      Koko area could be rideable, probably everything around GJ, but will be chilly.

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        I’m fine with chilly!  Thanks for the suggestions.

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      Anything on the front range from canyon city to fort Collins will probably be good to go unless the occasional storm rolls through.

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      The month of November is usually pretty good in Colorado, but planning to ride on a particular day can be hit or miss.  If you build some flexibility into your schedule, then you should have a great time.

      If you’re coming to Colorado through Kansas or Nebraska, there are a wide variety of trails between Morrison and Lyons – Hall Ranch in Lyons would be a nice warm up for Moab.  If you are coming in from Texas or Oklahoma, Canon City would be good place to start.

      Buffalo Creek is a little further west and I usually ride there at least once in November.  It has some awesome trails and is definitely worth a stop.

      Salida is a great town with fun trails that are usually rideable throughout the winter.  I would absolutely plan on spending a little time there.

      Fruita is on the Western Slope and usually a little dryer.  Give yourself enough time to ride Kokopelli and 18 Road.


      Have Fun!


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      Awesome.  Thank you for all the recommendations!  I do have a lot of flexibility and will try and work as many of these in as possible.  Thanks so much!


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      I concur about the Front Range.  Most days there is good riding in November from Fort Collins down to Canyon City/Pueblo.  Further into the state, Buffalo Creek, Salida, and Fruita are all usually good in November.  Let us know if you want some specific trail recommendations.  I’m sure you would get a ton of helpful responses and maybe find a riding partner or two if you would like such.

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